Do you tihnk that what happened to me in the past possible "triggered"what i am or who i am now?!

Question: Do you tihnk that what happened to me in the past possible "triggered"what i am or who i am now.?
ok so at the age of 13 i think i was molested by a pedophile
at the age of 15 i started having mixed feeling about both sexes and it took me 3 year to realize that i might actually be bisexual ( im turning 18 in 2 weeks)
so right now in a relationships with a guy he is a really good friend of mine we have know each other for ten years kinda grew up with each other
here is another thing he wants us to have sex we did had oral sex before but this time i just dont see why we should rush it
we have known each other for almost 10 years now
i told him that i dont want it to happen now and if hes gonna pressure me then he is not getting anything
he think that im "blocking "myself from him

i talked with some gay and bi sexual guys at my school and they think that what happened in the past might actually have a "reflection " on my sexuality
i never been with a girl , never had a girlfriend

my parents dont know anything about that molestation they were here in USA and i was back there in Europe living with a snobby grandmother only my cousin knows and thanks ot her that pervert is now locked behind barsHealth Question & Answer

Don't all of your past experiences shape who you are now.? There's nothing wrong with that. Anwyay, there are two main opinions on where you get your sexual orientation - genetics or environment. Some people think that you are born gay, heterosexual, or bi. Others (mostly religious people) think you are "made" that way by your experiences and they would point to that experience as one possible "cause". Depending on who you talk to, you could get either answer. Until there is solid scientific evidence, you really can't rely on either idea for answers.

What matters now is that you figure out if you are attracted to this guy only because you are filling a need to experiment or if you really like him that way and want a relationship with him. If you feel like you're being pressured into something you aren't sure about because he's your friend, just tell him. Why rush it.? It's entirely possible that you may want to try dating a woman to see what that's like or else you might end up wondering (or cheating!). If he's willing to stick around while you sort things out then he's a real friend.Health Question & Answer

Well, the same thing happened to me, but i'm a girl.

When I was twelve i was molested by a 19yr old neighbor of mine...i'm now 18, (will be 19 in july) and have just realized that I'm Bisexual. So basically I think what happened to you may have sparked your sexual interests in both sexes. =]Health Question & Answer

I think that what happened to you contributed to your sexuality. Every sexual encounter makes us sexually who we are. If your not happy with your sexuality, e-mail me, I know someone you could talk to. -JessHealth Question & Answer

Our past experiences always shapes our present and future. The degree to which it does that is where the questions lies. Perhaps you should go see a therapist and further explore this.Health Question & Answer

well i doubt that it was the molestation that "turned you gay" but it's possible. but if you like men then you can't really change itHealth Question & Answer

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Absolutely! Everything that affects us and every experience we have, either in a positive or negative way, determines our personality and how we react to the variety of situations we find ourselven in our life.
We can, however, make changes as evidenced by recovering alcoholics, people who go to rehab and no longer use drugs, etc.
Sexuality homo or hetero may be genetically determined but it's possible your experience at age 13 may have influenced your thinking. If you can afford it, try therapy to help you sort things out.
Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

As a straight guy who has experienced an unwanted and uncomfortable situation with another guy when I was young then I can tell you it hasn't changed my sexuality. Soon enough you'll be sure of your sexuality and realise what happened before can never be changed. Whatever sexual preference we have, we tend to be comfortable with it. Like I'm really happy to be straight and don't think to myself I wish I was gay, so if you're not straight then when you're comfortable with being bi or gay then you'll be fine. Best to concentrate on now than the past as it can never be changed but shouldn't interfere with your life now.Health Question & Answer

Molestation, as horrible as it is, is unlikely to "change" your sexuality. Though it certainly could cause issues like anxiety about sexual relationships.

Plenty of straight guys when they were young have been molested by men too, and it doesn't turn them gay or bisexual.

You are what you are. It is not known exactly why some people (and some animals for that matter) are homosexual or bisexual. Though the fact that other species also exhibit this type of sexuality strongly indicates to me that it's not simply a matter of choice.

Sexuality is a very complicated cocktail of genes, brain chemistry, sexual development, and so on, and it's all too easy to "blame" it on an event or events many years ago. The reality is that people who grow up in perfectly healthy family environments can also turn out to be homosexual or bisexual.

As far as becoming sexually active goes: you're ready when you're ready, and not before. Man, woman, straight, gay. It's all the same. You do it at your pace, not someone else's.Health Question & Answer

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