I need help with focus and concentration?!

Question: I need help with focus and concentration.?
I need help. For a very long time now, I've been dealing with a lack of concentration and focus. It's like there is absolutely nothing I can do to fix it. My brain wont allow me to think past a certain point. It's soo strange. I wasn't always like this in my younger years. But since I've been working where I am now, I feel like I have lost alot of "brain power" over the past couple years. It's really frustrating cuz I feel as though people think I'm stupid and I'm really not. Could this be matter of just having the proper diet and amount of sleep or is this something severe like ADD.?Health Question & Answer

You probably need a change of environment.Health Question & Answer

Is your brain not working past a certain point, or your subjective feelings causing you to loose of brain power.?

Sounds like yer worn out.? The gym is miracluous. Exercising will deff. increase your motivation 100x and give you a natural high. Try it for at least 20 minutes a day, but really push yourself...
you will want to work better/harder
eat better
you will be tired to sleep easier

ADD medications are like the steroids in motivation. eeeHealth Question & Answer

This is happening to me too ! but it only happens to me when i can't get enough sleep or over-stressed
maybe try sleeping an hour earlier than your original time (if you are not already) , or try relaxing maybe listen to some music, take a walk outside to refresh your memory
i know this is not much of an help sorryHealth Question & Answer

First things first, you should visit a doctor. Just incase your problem isnt anything serious. Maybe its a lack of sleep or oxygen. Maybe its a lack of nutrients. All these factors could be causing this. Try looking for pills at the pharmacy, maybe they have something. Try doing excersizes such as yoga. It helps you to better concentrate, relax and have patience. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Probably because of stress from your job. Just take time to relaxe but if you realy think it's something sever like ADD you should cunsalt a Doc.Health Question & Answer

ADD isnt severe i have it and i focus good so good that iHealth Question & Answer

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