What is the possibility......?!

Question: What is the possibility.......?
I think the dolls are living inside of my walls, because there are noises.Health Question & Answer

Oh thats where they went! Dont worry, they'll leave you alone soon... yes they do like to sing...Health Question & Answer

It might be the pipes or maybe mice..

This question is a joke,you should of put you herd singing well its probably just your imagination or maybe someone messing with ya.


A tv on the other side of the room

Your naibers

Someone messing with you.

Your imagination

A radio

Do you know holw old your house is.?.?.?Cause maybe it is ghosts........

I don't know those are all the things I can think of about whats makeing the noise.Health Question & Answer

probably mice.Health Question & Answer

That's not dolls... that's me... in my underwear.

:DHealth Question & Answer

big giant hairless rats I thinkHealth Question & Answer

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