U know theres always theres always does kids who dress in black or the ones who fit the type and completely isolate themselves and u expect them to be loners.BUT ME.I LIKE TALKING TO PEOPLE SOMETIMES AND I WAS POPULAR IN MIDDLESCHOOL AND IF YOUD LOOK AT ME YOU WOULD NEVER EXPECT THAT I HANG OUT BY MYSELF.sO ITS EMBARRASING IF PEOPLE I TALK TO FIND OUT ESPECIALLY WHEN SOME ENJOY IT.i JUST DONT LIKE IT AND ITS BRINGING ME DOWN.I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.?.?Health Question & Answer

Exactly. I was popular in middle school; I was never bored, had a bunch of friends, and I wanted to go to school everyday. I was super-depressed when I graduated, though. Because I knew high school was going to be hell, and it sure was. Let's just say that I don't fit in, and I, well, despise myself now.

How's your school life right now.? You don't fit in.? Neither do I, and the first thing you need to do is tell your guidance counselor, then get the courage to tell your parents. Or, the guidance counselor will tell your parents for you. You're saying that people enjoy knowing that you're a loner.? That pretty much makes it impossible to make new school friends, because people will tell bad stuff about you, just so they can see you as a loner(it builds up their esteem, in a sick way). Transferring to another school is your best option.Health Question & Answer

I don't know why you're alone. Is it your parent's rules.?.?.?

If it is by choice, you need to find things to do with your time like reading books, writing in a journal or writing letters, drawing, decorating your bedroom, or find some type of hobby that you could take up while being alone.

If it is not by choice, play video games, talk on the phone/text, play board games, visit the mall, go out with your friends, go to the movies, play card games with your friends.

Join a club like the Boys and Girls Club, check your Parks and Leisure Department to see what classes and workshops are available, or the Boys or Girls' Scout, or a sporting club or hobby club like Karat and you will not be so alone.

If all else fails, join a church or engage in church activities.

People do not hang out and just have fun all of the time like you believe.

You must find acceptance in yourself before seeking acceptance from others.Health Question & Answer

man i was a loner from prekinder to middle school when i got to high school i made a grip of friends all you got to do is show ur true personality alway's stay real thats the first tip i know how it feel's it feel's not good like i said just meet knew people in class and hang out whit one lil croud from there ull start be in real popular thats how i became real popular in highschoolHealth Question & Answer

First of all you need to stop typing in capital letters because it's very annoying and hard to read.

Secondly, clearly you care about what other people think- and you need to stop that. Why do you care to talk to anyone.? I don't care to talk to everyone-only some people.Health Question & Answer

If you don't like being a loner and there is nothing wrong with you that is preventing you from socializing, then I'd recommend you go out and start talking to people.

It's a very simple solution IMO.Health Question & Answer

try talking to your old friends from middle school and try to re-establish the connection you guys once had. try not to talk about the past, keep it in the present and you can look forward to them being in your future:)Health Question & Answer

Accept it. They don't have to think of you as a complete loner, but people need time on their own. Tell them you just need to think a few things through.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like your Social Anxiety is kicking in. People who have that usually starts to effect them during their adolescent years.Health Question & Answer

Be YOURSELF ^.^Health Question & Answer

find some friends and go out and have fun
you are making you life miserable ,
you;re the only one that can change itHealth Question & Answer

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