Is my son Bipolar or adhd?!

Question: Is my son Bipolar or adhd.?
My son is really hyper. And he get really angry, for no reason, and throws things, or hits his sibblings. Please do not tell me I ned to spank him, he is disciplined, but nothing works. Some days he is so good, and loving, then others he is sooo bad. But he always says sorry and I love you sincerely, he is 7 Bipolar runs in my family is it possible he has it, my other children, ages 3 and 6 are very well behaved and I'm afraid he cannot(not will not) control himself. He also stays up until like 4 in the morning watching tv then wakes up at 6 am and is not tired. A lil help pleaseHealth Question & Answer

You will have to take him to a psychiatrists to be sure but sounds like he has ADHD, but it sort of sounds like early bipolar too. Its really hard to say. And i wouldnt take him to the pediatrician, because they dont know as much as a psychiatrists about these things, but they tend to pretend they do. Make sure you tell them you want to know about behavior modification, before you try meds.

Just make sure you are giving him time out for the things he does wrong. If you cant get him to sit in the chair during time out, then you get in the chair and hold him there.

And you have to be persistent. That is the key no matter what is going on, otherwise its like he is only going to get worse.

And you need to make sure he is getting adequate sleep, because that can cause mental problems too in children.Health Question & Answer

I hate to say this but fatman does have a point, thats what a lot of parents do....and its because they just dont want to deal with it...its really BS! But i can tell you are not like that, Thats why i say ask about behavior modification, like talk therapy you can do at home for when he acts this way.Health Question & Answer

I sincerely hope your son is not Bipolar, though a child with ADHD is known not to show any remorse for their actions. My neice was diagnosed with ADHD at 2.5 years. She was prescribed medication which she says made her nicer (alex is now 16) though her mum tried an alternative diet with a selection of oils minerals and vitamins which where of great benefit though the diet was very strict it was very successful and had no side effects.Health Question & Answer

Please, Please, Please, take him to a doctor. He sounds like he is having a hard time with impulse control and that is a sign of ADHD. He doesn't mean to act that way but he can not control himself. Take him to the doctor...make sure you research EVERYTHING they tell you!!! Dont just medicate him with up on each option they give you and decide what is right for HIM, not everyone else.Health Question & Answer

If he shows those symptoms at school he may have ADHD. Have him tested. My son, age 12, has ADHD, and it took me 4 years before I would consider giving him medication. It got to the point of getting D's, and F's in special education classes. As last resort, I gave him an ADHD medication called Vyvnase (20 mg), and he has turned everything around in a matter of 3 months. A,B,C report card. In some cases, medication is a very effective option.Health Question & Answer

My brother (who is 7) has ADHD. It is possible. It is the most stressful thing ever! and it will drive you crazy so I sympathize. The best thing to do is take him to a psychiatrist. They can point you in the right direction and possibly get him on a medicine (they work wonders!) Even though you probably don't want to medicate him, sometimes it's the only hope. Just look at it as helping him. It will help him control himself better. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

It sounds more like being a child than either ADHD or bipolar. Bipolar has very little to do with anything you mentioned, and ADHD doesn't make you 'bad' and 'good' on different days. He'd have trouble doing things even on 'good' days as it would not be his choice.Health Question & Answer

Not sure, kids at that age are normally bouncing off the walls.

People with bipolar(me, lol) often do not sleep much, or in the opposite mood swing, sleep A LOT.

I have a nephew that turned bad when his sister came around, it could just be the need for attentionHealth Question & Answer

He is too young to have a proper diagnosis. There is a chance that he will grow out of it as many children do but for now its too early to tell. Take him to a doctor and see what can be done for now.Health Question & Answer

My girlfriend is BipolarHealth Question & Answer

when he gets a little older take him to a therapist where they will supply him ritalin and your son will become a walking zombie until he's out of puberty :)Health Question & Answer

it is natural for a 7 year old to be hyper but if bipolar runs in Your family and he's been acting like that then maybe he has bipolar problemsHealth Question & Answer

sounds like me when i was a kid. and im completely normal now.
if you're still concerned, take him to the doctorHealth Question & Answer

I'd say BipolarHealth Question & Answer

Growing up with a younger sibling that was the exact same, I am 21 now and she is 15 and at age 5 her teacher called my moher and said she has to go to the doctor because she was at school just doing the same thing.. Biopolar also runs in my family and when my mother took her to the doctor he told her that she was adhd. So she was put on has helped tremendously , it sounds to me that he is adhd and honestly without medicine and i hate to say this because i think medicine is not the answer but with what you are telling us , if he doesn't get on something it will just continue..when he is older i would have him tested for biopolar but not right now at this young age. Just sounds to me like adhd. and if you get him on medicine you will see a tremendous improvementHealth Question & Answer

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