What might this mean?!

Question: What might this mean.?
i received an assessment from a psychiatrist in the post yesterday and it confirmed some stuff that i have (dysthymia, anxiety disorder, psychosis) but she also said there is evidence for "underlying personality issues". what might that mean.? does that mean all of the diagnosis will be shoved into one "personality issue" and what does she mean by that.? what sort of "personality issue" might i have.?

just generally confused, thanks. xHealth Question & Answer

It sounds like your psychiatrist thinks you show traits of having a personality disorder. I can relate to your confusion as in my psychiatrist notes he's diagnosed "personality difficulties of the emoticionally unstable kind" (borderline personality disorder) as my main "problem" and it says I "may" have depression as well.

I think that doctors that work in the mental health field dont understand that "maybe's" and "there is evidence for's" just arent good enough. People need to have closure and to feel confident that their doctors know what they are doing. A person would never be told they "may" have heart problems!

It sounds to me like the psychiatrist believes you do show some signs of having a personality disorder but hasnt diagnosed you with one. It doesnt mean that all your diagnosis will be put down to your personality issues, as they are problems in their own right.

I've put a link to Mind's Guide to Personality Disorders in the sources section. It lists the different kinds of personality disorders and explains a bit about them.

With me, I do agree that I have BPD. The first time I read about it I found it shocking and upsetting how well it seemed to describe me. If it's really bothering you, ask your GP if it is possible for to see the psychiatrist again and have him explain what exactly he meant.

Doctors are often wary of giving a firm diagnosis of the P.Ds because of the stigma. In my case Im not recieving any specalist help for my BPD. As you know Im on anti-depressants and Im on the waiting list for CBT, but there are specalist therapies out there for P.DsHealth Question & Answer

http://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Bookl...Health Question & Answer

Most likely means that not all issues you are deally with are directly because of the dysthymia, anxiety, and psychosis. Look up personality disorders.......but dont read too much into it as them saying that is the issue....im just saying to get a start at looking at what is a personality issue. They arent saying a personality disorder is one of your problems, but personality issues would be similar on a smaller scale. Personality disorders are more a learned way of thinking and perceving things. The person learns to have very skewed perseptions about everything in the world around them. One thing i know many people find with mental illnesses, and i have found with dealing with my bipolar, is you deal with them for so long, that they do effect how you think and perceive things. Even if you could take away all of the symptoms of the dysthymia, anxiety and psycosis, you would still be left with some things that developed because of having dealt with them......your ways of coping and thinking because of having them. Those would be personality issues. Plus could have some personality issues just because of upbringing, that are not a full personality disorder, but still would need addressed to bring you to a place that you would me more emotionally and mentally healthyHealth Question & Answer

This could mean you are prone to be anti-social, introverted, difficult to get along with or any number of personal traits that you may have lived with most of your life. Don't let this bother you to much, we all have our own quirks and what is normal for one may not be for another. Who is to say what is normal and what isn't, unless of course you are hurting someone. Deal with what is,you have enough on your plate now. Take care and good mental healthHealth Question & Answer

I'm not sure what it means but try to relax your doctor will prob explain it to you!Health Question & Answer

it means your not like other people and not in a good way,it can lead to ASD,paranoia etcHealth Question & Answer

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