What should I do to help myself?!

Question: What should I do to help myself.?
Ever since I was really little, I've been thrown into mental institutions and drugged up by psychiatrists who all thought I had tons of mental disorders. Back then, I would take up to 12 pills a day..and I wasn't even 10 years old. Right now I'm 18 years old, and just barely starting to live in a "real world". I don't have the money or time to regularly see a psychiatrist and a psychologist, or go to mental institutions.
I don't know what to do about my "disorders", which are making my life very hard to live. I need some help trying to find natural ways to suppress these problems I have.
These are my problems, please help me find an herb/supplement or technique that can help me finally live a life like everyone else.

- I have very bad insomnia one week, and very bad hypersomnia another. Usually I'll get 3 hours a night, then 17 hours a day of sleep.

- My eyes are very sensitive to light and color, and I'll often see clouds of bright colors and "energy" everywhere I look. I also see little "stars".

- I often hear whispering when I don't listen to music, so I constantly have to keep a noise going to distract myself from them.

- I have extreme paranoia, and I constantly feel that people are watching me, and that the objects in my room are "watching" me or planning to hurt me some way.

- I have terrible anxiety, and very bad social anxiety. I only have one friend, and she is online and lives thousands of miles away. I am constantly alone.

- I have terrible nightmares every night, which affect my waking life.

- I have muscle spasms, and I constantly have to be moving in some way. I never sit still. Involuntary muscle movements in my left leg, and my blinking is strange.

- Lost in thought to the point where everyone and everything around me is nonexistent to me.

- I either feel no emotion, or an extremely high level of anxiety, anger, depression over trivial matters.

- I feel no pleasure from activities that are normally pleasing. I like the idea of dying, being brutally beaten, etc.

- I'm afraid of everything. Every single thing in this world, no matter how innocent it is. I've had terrible nightmares of things such as chairs and rainbows. I'm not able to watch action movies or horror movies, or play games of the same genres. Everything around me has to be extremely happy and not one bit frightening or I'll develop a terrible phobia of it.

- I'm bad at communicating. I never know what to say, and when I do say things, they often become a jumbled mess of words. I'll forget simple words that form sentences.

- I sense that everyone feels hostile towards me, or hates me. I've never been able to keep a close bonded friendship. I'm not close with any of my family members.

- I constantly want to be alone. I dislike human contact. People make me feel nervous.

- I have extreme memory loss, to the point where I've already completely forgotten my day by the time I go to bed. (I keep a diary because of this problem)

- A week will feel like an entire month. I'm constantly forcing myself to learn as much as I can in one day because I feel that I am rapidly growing up in such a fast pace, that if I don't learn, I'll be too stupid for my age.

- How I emotionally respond to things is distorted. I smile and laugh when I shouldn't (when someone hurts me, when something bad happens, terrible situations, etc)

- I become obsessed with something, only to completely forget it exists the next day.

- Inability to understand simple things. I read a simple sentence and spend a long time trying to comprehend it.

- I'll feel disassociated with my body a lot of the time.

This isn't the full list..but they are the bigger problems that bother me. I'm not asking for a diagnosis..just help with overcoming these problems and living a normal life.Health Question & Answer

You have a lot of things going on with your and really, i know this is not what you are going to want to hear, but until you address these, you will not be able to fuction to your full potential. You need to see a psychiatrist. There are meds that do help. There are no natural ways to suppress these things or herbal suppliments that will help.

One thing with mental illnesses, they are very difficult to treat until you are in your 20s, as your brain is still changing and developing, transitionaing from child fuction to adult function.

I know one thing i found with my bipolar, meds that worked well for me at 18, only did for 6 months and then just quit. Im now on the same meds, at a lower dose, and they have worked well for going on 2 years.....am 26 now.

You should look in to low/no cost therapy......there are many places that work on sliding scales. As well as seeing a psychiatrist. Im not sure how severe it is, but it sounds like you may be severe enough that you could possibly qualify for disability in the mean time of getting yourself straightened out and finding the correct medsHealth Question & Answer

Hello! I know it's a difficult life you're doing...but some other people with their phsycal deficiency also have problem in public appearance..(for the first time..)...

You seem to be good and very intelligentfrom what you gave-you even know your problem...some people don't know their problem...

I can't give you a diagnosis as I'm not expert...but I want to tell you that God loves you...no matter what...

You may send me an email yohanestoro@yahoo.com if you want to talk...but I don't guarantee a fast reply...

God loves you...

John 14 (Contemporary English Version) from Biblegateway.com-contemporary english version

Jesus Is the Way to the Father

1Jesus said to his disciples, "Don't be worried! Have faith in God and have faith in me. [a] 2There are many rooms in my Father's house. I wouldn't tell you this, unless it was true. I am going there to prepare a place for each of you. 3After I have done this, I will come back and take you with me. Then we will be together. 4You know the way to where I am going." 5Thomas said, "Lord, we don't even know where you are going! How can we know the way.?"

6"I am the way, the truth, and the life!" Jesus answered. "Without me, no one can go to the Father. 7If you had known me, you would have known the Father. But from now on, you do know him, and you have seen him."

8Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father. That is all we need."

9Jesus replied:

Philip, I have been with you for a long time. Don't you know who I am.? If you have seen me, you have seen the Father. How can you ask me to show you the Father.? 10Don't you believe that I am one with the Father and that the Father is one with me.? What I say isn't said on my own. The Father who lives in me does these things.

11Have faith in me when I say that the Father is one with me and that I am one with the Father. Or else have faith in me simply because of the things I do. 12I tell you for certain that if you have faith in me, you will do the same things that I am doing. You will do even greater things, now that I am going back to the Father. 13Ask me, and I will do whatever you ask. This way the Son will bring honor to the Father. 14I will do whatever you ask me to do.

The Holy Spirit Is Promised
15Jesus said to his disciples:

If you love me, you will do as I command. 16Then I will ask the Father to send you the Holy Spirit who will help [b] you and always be with you. 17The Spirit will show you what is true. The people of this world cannot accept the Spirit, because they don't see or know him. But you know the Spirit, who is with you and will keep on living in you. 18I won't leave you like orphans. I will come back to you. 19In a little while the people of this world won't be able to see me, but you will see me. And because I live, you will live. 20Then you will know that I am one with the Father. You will know that you are one with me, and I am one with you. 21If you love me, you will do what I have said, and my Father will love you. I will also love you and show you what I am like.

God loves you...Health Question & Answer

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