Lonely or Depressed? Please Help =/?!

Question: Lonely or Depressed.? Please Help =/.?
Hii, so recently at school Ive been feeling a little bit down.
I'm fine when I'm with my friends in class but when I get out of class I just feel down. When someone asks me whats wrong I don't know what to say, it's like I don't actually know why I'm feeling sad.
Is this because I feel lonely.? Or am I just a freak whose depressed.?
Please Help
Thanks xHealth Question & Answer

it could be depression if its been going on for more than 2 weeks and your feeling correspond with depression symptoms.

if these apply to you (don't have to have absolutely all of them):

You feel miserable and sad.
You feel exhausted a lot of the time with no energy .
You feel as if even the smallest tasks are sometimes impossible.
You seldom enjoy the things that you used to enjoy-you may be off sex or food or may 'comfort eat' to excess.
You feel very anxious sometimes.
You don't want to see people or are scared to be left alone. Social activity may feel hard or impossible.
You find it difficult to think clearly.
You feel like a failure and/or feel guilty a lot of the time.
You feel a burden to others.
You sometimes feel that life isn't worth living.
You can see no future. There is a loss of hope. You feel all you've ever done is make mistakes and that's all that you ever will do.
You feel irritable or angry more than usual.
You feel you have no confidence.
You spend a lot of time thinking about what has gone wrong, what will go wrong or what is wrong about yourself as a person. You may also feel guilty sometimes about being critical of others (or even thinking critically about them).
You feel that life is unfair.
You have difficulty sleeping or wake up very early in the morning and can't sleep again. You seem to dream all night long and sometimes have disturbing dreams.
You feel that life has/is 'passing you by.'
You may have physical aches and pains which appear to have no physical cause, such as back pain.

if you do then i'd recommend seeing a doctor who can get you the appropriate treatment e.g. counselling or medication.

good luck and hang in there, you CAN get through this.

hugs xHealth Question & Answer

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Since you feel fine with your friends I would say you are just feeling down for the moment! Next time you feel this way stop and check your thinking. What are you thinking about.? Thousands of thoughts stream through our minds each day. At this time your mind may be thinking negative thoughts or worried about something and you may not even be aware of it. If you are thinking negative thoughts your actions will show it and you will feel it. Our emotions are like a alarm system for our thoughts. If you are feeling down, your thoughts are negative. You need to search your thoughts and remove the negative ones. Keep your thoughts positive and your spirits will stay high!Health Question & Answer

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I think your just lonely.. You just need to do something new on your life. Try to do new hobby or sports with your friends or why don't you try to learn to meditate.? Meditation has many benefits for our body and mind.Health Question & Answer

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one of my best friends are like this. Shes always in a bad mood or upset about somthing. if i were you i would just try my best to be happy. it makes people think ur mean if your always depressed. if its that bad u should go to a therapist or doctor and they can help you. :DHealth Question & Answer

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