Can Someone Please Answer This? (Will Pick A Best Answer)?!

Question: Can Someone Please Answer This.? (Will Pick A Best Answer).?
Can watching too much horror movies make you develop Schizophrenia or any other mental diseases.?Health Question & Answer

NO not even if you watched so many that you began to recite the lines by heart.

Schizophrenia is a mental condition that is diagnosed over many years beginning in early childhood. Watching scary movies is not even in the list of behaviors that the DSM uses to clarify the diagnoses.

There are numerous behaviors of which you have to exhibit more than just a few over a sustained period of time and which have been documented.

The only person qualified to diagnose schizophrenia is a licensed psychiatrist and I would tread carefully around most of those since there are more than a few who are practicing and should not even be in the field.

Whoever is telling you this ridiculous nonsense is doing you harm and does not have your interest at heart.Health Question & Answer

I'm pretty sure it cannot cause you to develop a mental illness but I'm pretty sure messing with your mind on a constant basis would help being out and anxieties that already exists.Health Question & Answer

Probably not. Your mind will pick things up though which will make you feel uncomfortable. If you watch to many it could probably stop you from thinking straight.Health Question & Answer

it could probably have some kind of effect on someones mind. i am not sure it could cause schizophrenia. but i would think that it could cause mental problems.Health Question & Answer

i think that it can not cause any mental disease but it might have a little bit of an effect on you.Health Question & Answer

no it would just scare the crap out of you, and make you scared to walk down the hall in your house at night. Thats normalHealth Question & Answer

No.Health Question & Answer

No it cannot.Health Question & Answer

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