Is depression after sexual acts caused by something in bipolar psychosis disorder?!

Question: Is depression after sexual acts caused by something in bipolar psychosis disorder.?
After sex or masturbation, like the minute or immediatly after ejaculation, i become depressed, feel ashamed, horrible good for nothing like a huge depressive wave. It lasts for quite a while, by the next day im fine. Sex seems to be one of my trigger points for a mood swing, but i dont understand whyHealth Question & Answer

i think its quite common in people without a mental illness too.Health Question & Answer

It is probably caused by any drugs you are taking.
Stop dwelling on the past and stop acting like sex is some boogie man.
Stop dwelling on how you feel, feeling come and go like the weather.
I was hypersexual until I had exhausted all my sexual hunger and fantasies and everything worked out. No psychiatrist btw.
You need something positive to fill your mind and your time.
Read "Liberty and tyranny" by Mark Levin. There are a lot of people who need you to do something beside feel sorry for yourself.Health Question & Answer

hypersexuality is part of bipolar no doubt! I suggest that your depression is guilt you feel for doing the "dirty deed"... which you have because of some erroneous teachings in your upbringing. Sex is natural, fun, exciting and important to your overall health. Ejaculation for a man is important to keep the prostate healthy.

Get rid of your guilt and your depression will go too!

beauxHealth Question & Answer

Not necessarily bipolar but could be. I would certainly talk to your doc on the 21st and see what they think. There are drugs and therapy that can help you.Health Question & Answer

You are dissatisfied because masturbation is just sex. You need more than wishing, hoping and dreaming.

Depression results from a poor self image. You don't think you deserve....Pick one:
loving life
loving life mate
successful life

Our reality is a product of our thoughts. Change your thoughts and your world changes accordingly. Start now. Change your inner script. Substitute these thoughts.

Pick 4 or 5 of these thoughts each day, repeat them out loud to yourself as they may sound foreign at first, then run them through your mind through out the day. Use conviction and emotions to make them you. Especially at night, think and feel these thoughts.

You choose the thoughts that you want each day.

I am at peace
I am centred
I am happy
I like my life
I like me
I am confident
I am persistent
I am strong
I am smart
NO works for me
I like the word NO
I recognize NO when I hear it
THANK YOU works for me
I am gracious
I am thankful
I feel good
I feel energetic
I am a self starter
I initiate my own agenda
I am very like-able
People like me
I am sociable
I am competent
I solve problems easily
I am a can-do person
my mantra is simplify, simplify, simplify
Life is good to me
I am kind
I practise kindness
I am tolerant
I am compassionate
I like to help people
I am able-bodied
I am independent
I know what I want
I know what I like
I am in charge of my destiny
Love comes to me easily
I draw the perfect life love mate to me now.
my perfect love mate is praying and aching to find me
my perfect love mate is drawing me to her
my life mate and I are coming to meet in person now
God is love
Jesus died for me. He is my savior
my sins are forgiven me.
God assigned a Guardian Angel to me
I have a Guardian Angel with me always
I am never alone
My angel is with me now
I call on my Guardian Angel for help in a crisis.
I am comfortable being in my own skin
I am at peace being who I am
I accept love as it comes to me
I deserve a loving life
I am drawing good things in life to me.

It takes 21 days to change a habit. Begin now to change your habitual thinking. Create the reality you want.

Create your own thoughts, keep them short, in the present tense and avoid the word "NOT."

Use this technique for the rest of your life and your reality will change for the better. You will look back and be amazed.

Good luck.

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