Is paranoia a mental illness?!

Question: Is paranoia a mental illness.?
Considering how everyone can be paranoid sometimes....
Is paranoia a diagnosable mental illness.? If not, what is it.?Health Question & Answer

Paranoia is a SYMPTOM of mental illness, like a fever is a symptom of physical illness.

Paranoia can vary in severity:

(1) Suspicion

(2) Ideas of persecution

(3) Delusions of persecution/ hallucinationsHealth Question & Answer

Yes, there called disorders, but it is not a direct one paranoia can encompass a lot of other disorders. Most are due to chemical imbalances and are actually a lot more common than most people think, simple prescriptions can help and or solve the problem completely!Health Question & Answer

Work around a family of nurses and doctors.Health Question & Answer

The thing is the common term paranoia is not the same as the psychiatric definition. Real paranoia can be a part of OCD, bipolar, schizophrenia/schizoaffective, and paranoid personality disorder.Health Question & Answer

depends if you are believing nonsense or if you believe what is true and no-one believes you.

though clinical paranoia is v bad sometimes like the film conspiracy theory things might not be that far from the truth.Health Question & Answer

I think so. Some cases are probably a lot worse than others. Everyone can be paranoid at times, but there are people who are always paranoid, wherever they are.Health Question & Answer

if you have extreme paranoia it is mental illnessHealth Question & Answer

Yes it is.Health Question & Answer

yes i think so.?Health Question & Answer

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