Do you think it is possible "snap out" of a depression?!

Question: Do you think it is possible "snap out" of a depression.?
No, it's not possible to just snap out of it. Depression is a mental illness, and it takes time to get out of it. Sometimes people never fully recover from depression. I've suffered through depression since I was very young, and all these years later I still find myself able to fall into the black void, even though I'm getting help for it. If someone claims to be depressed, but then just "snaps out of it" they were most likely never really depressed to being with. They were most likely just having a bad time and feeling down. Depression isn't something that just goes away over night. Like I said before, it takes time.Health Question & Answer

if you really want to yes i think you can make yourself snap out of it.

I did it. it was more of a quick gradual snap out of it but ut happened.

Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

Anything is possibleHealth Question & Answer

no, you need a doctor/therapist and maybe some meds, or try natural remediesHealth Question & Answer

Add me on msn
Trust me im here to help
I've been through itHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

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