How can i motivate myself to study when i am struggling with borderline personality disorder?!

Question: How can i motivate myself to study when i am struggling with borderline personality disorder.?
i am studying law and am in my final year. i do find it fairly interesting, but i seem to be very demotivated about most things much of the time. i am on anti-depressants and mood-stabilisers.Health Question & Answer


it's possibly depression or the depressive state that can occur with BPD that is causing the lack of motivation..or perhaps it is not caused by this at all. I too have BPD so I can understand how hard it is to live with this condition.

I think as other people have said breaking the work down into smaller pieces is the best idea. Make a plan, try to sort out what you have to do each day and try your best to stick to that. Sometimes the thought of doing the work is much worse than actually getting stuck into it... I always found that at uni and even school etc.

Perhaps your mood, depression etc is increasing also, maybe it would be a good idea to talk to someone, either your GP or maybe a uni counsellor, just to get things off your chest.? Its worth a shot maybe.?

Maybe motivate yourself by telling yourself that if you do a certain thing then you will reward it afterwards, even with a bar of chocolate or buying something in town....this may help.

all the best
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I had the same problem untill last month. I'm doing my engineering and when i was in first year i didn't score marks and had so many problems around me. Then i started underestimating my self ! Whenever i opened the book i couldn't even cross the index page. But the key to my success of overcoming this problem was that i kept opening books every now and then ! Lately after 12 months of struggle i'm back on track and hope to keep it up. I wish you all the best and hope your problem is solved soon :)Health Question & Answer

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Do small bits at a time and have a treat to look forward to.Health Question & Answer

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