I can't enjoy myself anymore?!

Question: I can't enjoy myself anymore.?
This is going to sound weird, but for the past few days, I haven't been able to enjoy myself one bit. Last night, I had my friends over, and it was torture. Its usually sick, but I just felt like I didn't want to be around anybody. I have these moods alot, so then I could usually always look to music to get me happy again, but then music has sounded so dull to me also. I seriously can't think of ANYTHING that would entertain me right now, I just feel miserable. For the past 3 hours, i've been in my bed staring up at my wall. Im depressed and miserable, and I truley see absolutely no point to living if this keeps up. What should I do.?Health Question & Answer

Yeah I know exactly how you feel.
Over the past few weeks I've just been spacing out because of my EX-GF.
She seriously made me feel depressed over these weeks.

But were talking again at the same time I still have issues about our relationship. So I still have no mood to go and enjoy myself anymore.

I do what I can.
Spend time with my family with my little cousins cause their such happy people and they brighten up the day for me.
Or I just take out all my stress, anger, and depression by just going to the gym and working it out. It seriously helps. If I'm angry then I just do some pushups or something.

Other than that I go to music go it seriously goes with my mood. Just keep searching. Just fill out the empty gaps in your life and you should be good. Go outside and enjoy what this world has to offer.
It's a beautiful day today. So just look forwards to the bright things in your life. Eventually you'll be over this.
I'm with you still cause I've have just been so distracted and no mood to do anything or any motivation.
Spend sometime for yourself to think about everything and listen to music. Anything that goes with your mood.
Always look to your friends and family.

Hope I helped.Health Question & Answer

I know this feeling, I found hobbies such as writing, drawing, working outside in the yard, you have to make yourself do something. Don't let it get the best of you, think of something or watch something encouraging, I think it will pass over time... mine did.
If it keeps on, you may need to talk to your Doctor or see a Psychiatrist.
Good luck.Health Question & Answer

try journaling some of these feelings down maybe writing about how you feel will help you find out why you're feeling this wayHealth Question & Answer

talk to me on YM thebayiny2k =] . how old are you btwHealth Question & Answer

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