What can I do to do not feel so lonely and depressed?!

Question: What can I do to do not feel so lonely and depressed.?
It isn't easy to answer that. A depression can be caused by many factors, something is bothering or affecting you that is causing that state of mind. I could suggest for you to get out with friends, specially with people that have a positive outlook. Get involved with something that you could like, to force you to break that static condition of loneliness and depression. Sometimes it is necessary to get the help of a doctor that can determine the real causes and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Look in your local library for books to lift your spirit, self-motivational tapes, dvds. Do not watch anything that you know is aggravating your condition and avoid to be alone if you can. Get a shower, refresh yourself and go out to a place where you can enjoy the company of friends and an attractive environment. I do not know what you like or dislike, but for some people is watch a nice game, others go to a coffee shop and discuss the reading of a book or just a nice conversation. If you continue feeling that way for long don't be shy and make an appointment with a specialist, at the end he is the most indicated person to help you. My best wishes to you!Health Question & Answer

Surround yourself with your friends and family. Do anything you can to not dwell on stuff. Go out and have some fun! Get some excersise. Ive been pretty bummed out lately too. The only thing that keeps my mind off of things is going out and having fun with my friends.
Keep your head up!
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Go places, meet new people, discover new things,
try new things, join a club or some type of team,
go to church... theres so many things you could do .

=)Health Question & Answer

I t;s just the economy and the whole world .
don;t watch so much tv news and watch a movie.Health Question & Answer

Well i talk to people on Y!A and they just listen...it kinda helps...but otherwise i wanna know to :(Health Question & Answer

please let me know when you find out :(Health Question & Answer

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