I know a guy named trevor who didn't sleep for a year. what is the longest time you have gone without sleep?!

Question: I know a guy named trevor who didn't sleep for a year. what is the longest time you have gone without sleep.?

"The record belongs to a man named Randy Gardner. Back in 1965, he went 11 days without catching a single wink. Was Randy enraptured by a "Leave It to Beaver" marathon on TV.? Actually, no. He just really wanted to be in the Guinness Book of Records.
Randy was a San Diego high-school student at the time of his record-breaking bout of sleep deprivation. A self-described "science fair geek," Randy felt he could beat the previous record of 8.5 days held by New York deejay Peter Tripp. And with the help of two friends and Stanford researcher William Dement, Randy did exactly that. Even more impressive, Randy stayed awake without so much as a drop of coffee.

You might expect anyone who's been up that long to be a complete mess, but according to those who observed him, Randy suffered "no paranoia or other negative mood changes." Additionally, his "mental, motor and sensory abilities" remained solid. On day 10, Randy even beat Dement at pinball and gave a press conference before passing out for 14 plus hours."

Trevor lied to you. tell him to apply for tht book and they wont believe himHealth Question & Answer

In F***ing possible after 48 hours of no sleep your mind starts to play tricks on you (you see bugs and s***.) after 72 you're scared of your own shadow and your speach becomes a little slurred. after 96 the guys in white coats come for you because your friend cares about you and finds it wierd that your walking around your house with no clothes on and wearing a tin foil hat spouting gibberish. So the hospital drugs you up and you wake some 15 hours later feeling a little tired (go fig) but you get something to eat go back to bed in 7 hours sleep for another 9 wake up feeling ok. This is now why I take 5mg melatonin every nightHealth Question & Answer

Yeah, one year without sleep is mentally AND physically impossible. I mean, even a week would be pushing it. The body needs time to repair itself and sort emotions.

On the subject, Longest I've done is 89 hours. That was during the summer, and I had the famous MMORPG keeping me up.Health Question & Answer

I've not slept for like..um..72 hours, literally. And I am not sure, but I don't think that it is possible to go for a year without sleep.Health Question & Answer

its phsically impossible...not 1 hour of sleep for 12 months straight.? somesone exaggerating here. im 73 hoursHealth Question & Answer

If he genuinely hadn't slept for a year, he would have died.
The longest i've been without sleep is 3 days.Health Question & Answer

2 daysHealth Question & Answer

2 daysHealth Question & Answer

28 hoursHealth Question & Answer

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