What's the next best thing to suicide?!

Question: What's the next best thing to suicide.?
chocolateHealth Question & Answer


The great wrecker of carefully laid plans.

However carefully you analyse your situation and find it hopeless and everyone you know would be happier if you were dead, there is a gremlin guardian angel that comes to you at the point of resolution to give a glimmer of something you love very much that you would not ever again be able to experience.

For me, it was to make love with a girl with long hair.Health Question & Answer

Surviving the desire to commit suicide is quite a large amount better than suicide itself. Personally, I think suicide is over-rated. The alternative is just too good. It might take a sojourn in pills and therapy land to get to that point, but it is.Health Question & Answer

sex, drugs and rock n roll
only kidding
suicide that looks like an accident, then family wont think it is there faultHealth Question & Answer

assisted suicideHealth Question & Answer

staying in bed never moving or thinking or eating, its like your dead only your still alive :DHealth Question & Answer

forgiveness and recovery
but suicide is never an option. Get that out of your head.
We need you here with us. Health Question & Answer

agree with mickjam

Dont run from your problems - things only get worse!Health Question & Answer

beating the depressionHealth Question & Answer

Death by other means.Health Question & Answer

vegetationHealth Question & Answer

sex + drugs + GodHealth Question & Answer

Coming round.Health Question & Answer

Death!Health Question & Answer

Don't do itHealth Question & Answer

brain damageHealth Question & Answer

cokeHealth Question & Answer

...I'll kill you if you want.Health Question & Answer

u neab the next worst thing.? Health Question & Answer

Slitting your wrists.?Health Question & Answer

i don't know, being murdered.?Health Question & Answer

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