Does this make sence...?!

Question: Does this make sence....?
I feel like I'm gonna relapse with cutting and I can't speak to my councilor till Tuesday so I've been told to write down why I feel like I'm gonna relapse and I'm not fully sure but I put some notes down which could be linked towards why I feel like I'm gonna relapse.

it does make scence. cutting is as addictive as any drug, which most people dont realise. i still get urges to cut, but i havnt for 5 years. i suggest taking an ice cube and running it on your wrist whenever you feel like you have to cut. it numbs your skin and kind of gives you some satisfaction with the burning coldness. its a lot healthyer then cutting. but those notes are good, and thats really good that you did them.Health Question & Answer

Sounds looks like deja vu for me. I think this makes sense, if your counsler doesn't get then they aren't very good at their job. Stress factors are clear- school, family, "friends", anger, upset, addiction, and what people say to you that could "set you off" again. Hang in there. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

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