Help - can't sleep ? ?!

Question: Help - can't sleep .? .?
I find that I am not interested in sleeping and I stay up until 1 pm or later every night. I think its something to do with boredom and also guilt or stress. Health Question & Answer

Have a long bath before , make sure self a nice mug of hot choco, read a book, put some soothing music on, count sheep's, imagine your self at your happiest time!
i know everyone gets stress, but try not to, be a bit more care free. if you muck up so what, its life we all make mistakes and that's a fact/
and your guilt, try sorting it out by talking about to someone.Health Question & Answer

Spending more energy during the day, calming down earlier, or finding a way to manage will help. I also have an extreme trouble getting to sleep, but I know it is not insomnia. I simply dislike sleeping. What helped me, is to be normal during the week, staying up later than most people (but not too much), and then making up for it by completely crashing on the weekend. I am in school, and this helps tremendously, and I am never tired.Health Question & Answer

Are you having any other issues: not eating,trouble focusing, feeling sad.? You stated stress and guilt-anything specifically causing these issues. Ofter guilt will keep us aware, due to dwelling on what the issue is that we feel guilty about. Often it helps to discuss the issue with a trusted person. Not someone that will necessarily be able to resolve the problem, but just to get it out of our mind. Sometimes guilt and stress is like that hamster on the wheel-spinning and spinning thoughts when we try to sleep. God Bless ReggiHealth Question & Answer

try lunesta the sleeping pill stuff. if ur old enough n all. n ask ur doctor if its alright for u to take it. my dad takes it cuz he use to be night trucker and it messed up his sleeping hrs cuz his mind pretty much doesnt knw when to sleep, and he took lunesta n sleeps like a logHealth Question & Answer

do you smoke.?.?.? because my mom recently quit and she said she has been getting good sleep

[also excersise in the day might help make you calm for later]

or try the unhealthy way like have a energy drink at 8:00 pm and maybe u will crash from it
hope this helps!!Health Question & Answer

close one nostril and breathe around 30 times, but not to quickly. then do the same but with the opposite nostril. this should help you relax. Take hot showers before you sleep. Read a book or do something that will keep you focused on one thing for a while.Health Question & Answer

well clear your mind and lay in bed before you know it you will sleep, or take some sleeping pills harmless in minor numbersHealth Question & Answer

UM YEAH dude. you need to get laid. stop masterbating all night and get to sleep haha.Health Question & Answer

try some melatonin at night.Health Question & Answer

I don't see a problem. Do you feel like you need to sleep more.? Than do so. Health Question & Answer

same hereHealth Question & Answer

neither me. it's 2.10am and i'm still hereHealth Question & Answer

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