I wanna kill myself ?!

Question: I wanna kill myself .?
I just had it with life and all the things in it

I have had it with these arrogant people

I dont feel like living anymore

Wat should i do .?Is killing myself the best way of escaping this Health Question & Answer

No. Just hang in there. Ignore the arrogant people and try to see the good things in life. They are really there.Health Question & Answer

It's never a good idea to kill yourself. It's never the answer. You will always be remembered as a coward. Plus, think of the agony your family will family will feel if you die. You don't want them to suffer, do you.?

Ignore them. Keep your head up, and move on in life. They aren't worth you killing yourself.

Please, don't kill yourself.Health Question & Answer

You are smart enough to know the answer to this. Killing yourself is not an option. Why don't you concentrate on the people that love you, your family. Life is too short already for you to be thinking about ending it way too soon. Spend all the time you can with your loved ones. Only they can get you out of these bad times your are having.Health Question & Answer

**** ignorant people. **** people in general. Ground yourself. What is the only true beauty in this world.? Nature. Go to the mountains, to the seaside, anywhere, observe what was here and remains in complete unadulterated drama-free peace and quiet. The animals, the living organisms. Forget about the materialistic rat race of a commercial world we live in. The people don't and will not matter. Find the organic connection brother. You're too smart to waste yourself.Health Question & Answer

You are born to win the world and these arrogant people are not known to you when you born.

Everywhere these type of people are and everyone is facing them. Just think they never kill themselves.

We are blessed with the living which is a rare opportunity you should begin to destroy those ill feelings and one day you will; shine like a star, sure my dear.Health Question & Answer

No! Then they win and you gave them the satisfaction of winning
Take off and see a different part of the world or the next state/province over. I'm no councilor or nothing but leaving home with what's on my back makes me feel like living HARDER
Sorry if that sounded trite but it helps when life becomes boringHealth Question & Answer

You've probably heard this a ton of times and thought it sounds old and washed up, they're right. Death isn't the answer. You have to face facts, most ppl will always be arrogant, locked in their own world. But don't tell yourself that's everyone cuz its not.
Do you honestly think dying is gonna get you away from all this.? Don't give up, life's hard on us all at times, don't call it quits just yet, at least try to solve these problems, don't become the person your trying to escape.
Take it slowly, no ones rushing you...you'll find that spark for life you just gotta keep walking the road that life set up for you.
Lifes knocked you down right now, so what.? Get up and keep walking, its not over yet.Health Question & Answer

You need to talk to somone if you are in the UK then the samaritans is who you should contact if you do not have family or friends to call on.

Many of us have reached a real low in our lives where suicide is considered and I am sure most have been glad they did not. Not just because life has gone on to bring us happiness, meaning and purpose but that we have not bought on our family and friends the terrible grief and guilt which our suicide would have caused.

Talk to someone things are never as black when we share them with others who care.
Health Question & Answer

I know that it seems like the answer right now(when i say i know i mean i really know) but it really isn't when i was 18 i was suicidal and i did commit suicide i was pronounced dead on the scene and if it wasn't for the nurses at the hospital i wouldn't be typing this to you now. I am glad that i lived now bc i would've missed my daughters birthday's (i was told i wasn't able to have children) and the chaos all the politicians are causing..................And btw the phone hot lines that they tell you to call i called one and they actually called the police on me and tried to arrest me when all i wanted was someone to talk to so i don't suggest that but do try to find someone that understands where you are coming from, not someone who will sit there and look you in the face and say i understand when they really don't it doesn't help if you need to talk i am willing to offer help if you want it, its still your decision email me at metalchick2285@aol.com Health Question & Answer

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