I beg you to please answer, what anti depressant/psychotic causes least weight gain, 10pts :(?!

Question: I beg you to please answer, what anti depressant/psychotic causes least weight gain, 10pts :(.?
my cymbalta seroquel combo packed on 20 pounds. i cant lose weight no matter what i do. what combination of an anti depressant and psychotic cause the least weight gain.? or no ewight gain.? or possibly weight loss.? Thank you so much! even if its not a combination, just what anti depressant or psychotic causes no weight or weight lossHealth Question & Answer

Effexor baby! I think you know the rest! lol (((Gabe)))Health Question & Answer

I hate to have to say this, because you seem like a guy who's dealing with a lot of problems and sure could use something to make all the visions go away. But antipsychotics are very very very very bad for you. Not only for your weight, but that too. Somebody compared it to having a chemical lobotomy, and I couldn't agree more. I don't want to go into details, because that would be tedious to explain here. But the link is very interesting and good.

Here's the good news. A 15 year long study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease stated that after "15 years, 65% of patients on antipsychotics were psychotic, whereas only 28% of those not on medication were psychotic".

Most psychotic people lack vitamin B. Take that, and take fish oil, with multivitamins.

All meds cause weight gain. Seroquel is in the lower range of weight-gain, so I have no good answer. Maybe abilify, although I've seen an obese guy on that too.Health Question & Answer

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