My life is completely devoid of meaning?!

Question: My life is completely devoid of meaning.?
it's a friday night and i'm sitting alone at my computer. Sad you say.? Well, this is how I've spent most of my Friday nights for the past 23 or so years.

I live alone, work alone, and am 6 hours from friends and family. I went completely psycho after a breakup which is one reason I moved, but I'm still not over him (2 years later).

No one has come to visit me in the 14 months I've lived here, my friends don't reply to my emails (and before you think I'm a debbie downer, I'm not, I'm just emailing to see how they're doing or to comment that I like the band they put as "music" on their facebook profile).

I've always feared I'm going to live my life miserable and alone, and I think it's slowly playing out to be the case. I don't think I'm ever going to have a boyfriend again (no one wants to date me, and the one guy who did cheated on me . . . but I can't stop remembering the good times with him, juxtaposed with what a jerk he was when he broke up with me . . . definitely confusing enough to make anyone go psycho).

This is pathetic, someone help!Health Question & Answer

In some odd way your almost like me.

I am 31 years old. I live at home with my parents. I don't like to socialize because I never trust anyone any more.

My best guy friend is an 80 year old man who I actually feel comfortable with as a good friend. Seriously the old dudes are more gentle with us ladies. They appreciate us young ones.Health Question & Answer

I used to be like that.
Then I got out into the world,
started attending town hall meetings and things along those lines.

Just put yourself out there & life wont seem as "boring!"Health Question & Answer

You don't realize the benefit of living a "meaningless life"Health Question & Answer

Try taking up a hobby like golf or something. Or seek professional help.Health Question & Answer

Read "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren (best seller). It will make a big difference. Take careHealth Question & Answer

There is help if you know where to look. God has a plan for all of us even though most people these days reject this notionHealth Question & Answer

MOVE ON!!!!Health Question & Answer


do you have aim.?

if so my sn is idbegoodforyou.

IM me on there... i think we could be good friends and maybe i could give you some more in-depth advice on there.

i met all my boyfriends online... if it weren't for the internet i would never have met a guy. i would never have gotten my first kiss, etc.

so yeah, go to and set up an account on there, go to women seeking men... just be VERY, VERY CAREFUL. it's not the safest thing to do but it CAN be worth it. please talk to me on aim. thankss. Health Question & Answer

i know you'll shake your head in doubt, but i have been (and still trying to get out of it) that same kind of situation. A serious heartbreak 2 years ago, and lack of activity, communication, or lack of a life basically. But you have got to know one thing: you CAN go out, even if there's nobody around. I don't know what to tell you about friends, because i don't have any myself, but getting into an activity, even if it's just for 1 day can help drastically. Find something you LOVE to do (and if u dont love doing anything, just try something for a day or so. Get out there, go for a drive and look at crap. Join a group or club- AA even, you'll meet people there. Try online dating.

mitchHealth Question & Answer

i havent gotten over my last two and its been 4 years. i was used and cheated on both times. i do miss the good times but it is because i want that void filled just like you. i went to the hospital because of this. i know things will get better for you and hopfully me. wanting to fill that void iot sucks i know but know onw happiness is the most important thing. just like you. your happiness. sorry for you going through this. i amHealth Question & Answer

first realize that simply because you are alive your life has meaning. the bible says you are beautifully and wonderfully made. purpose and meaning has nothing to do with any person other than you. First mean something to yourself! Lots of time when friends and family are not not around that creates opportune time to engage in your person-hood You are very important on the earth you have to wait on the right man to find you it is not your job to find him.God put men on the earth to hunt. So while you are waiting build your character and reliance on god and yourself.Health Question & Answer

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