Have you ever actually forwarded a scary chain letter to get the stress off of you?!

Question: Have you ever actually forwarded a scary chain letter to get the stress off of you.?
I got yet another chain letter about my death happening if I didn't forward it, etc...

I closed it after reading the beginning for fear that I would be petrified of this because I vowed to never send chain letters.
But as ridiculously gay as this sounds, it's bugging me. I feel like I should just forward it and get the stress over with, but it doesn't seem like the right thing to do!
What do you think.?Health Question & Answer

oh i do that too! obviously when someone sends it to you, you know its fake...but sometimes i let them get to me and just NEED to forward them to release the fear....i dont know. just forward it if you feel panicky. i know what you're saying. :)Health Question & Answer

Oh man, I HATE chain letters!! I know how you feel. I am so superstitious too. They are so cruel when they threaten "death" in them. I mean, who does that sort of thing.?

Once a friend of mine gave me a yellow sticky with $5.00 saying: "Keep this or DIE". I had paid for something for her and she wanted to pay me back. I told her that she couldn't send me such a note because I will keep it for the rest of my life for fear that if I throw it out I will die. She laughed and said I was so funny, but the truth of the matter is...I am that superstitious.

So, if I were you...I would send it to someone that you don't know all that well (I know, that sounds terrible too) and just get rid of it.

Chain letters should be banned!!! I haven't gotten one in a long time, but now I'll probably get one. Hopefully, I'll get up the nerve to delete it!!

I'm sorry I wasn't any help to you...Health Question & Answer

Chain letters usually goes straight to the trash, i won't bother reading till the end. Don't believe in that bs either. Just think of it as spam in your email, delete it. And you won't die, insurance companies would go bust if every single one of it's policy holder would receive a chain letter, if it was true.Health Question & Answer

dude.... if you spread it more, you'll cause more deaths, someone needs to be the fall man, take one for the team.

Okay that was a joke, but i hate those damn chain letters too, whenever you get one, spam the person who sent it back 100 times the amount it says to. that way you can say you forwarded it and get a good laugh.Health Question & Answer

lol i used to forward them all of the time. but then i stopped to think about it, do you really want to send that stress off to your friends and family.? if for some odd reason its real, wouldnt you want to be the one to die.? the stress that is bugging you is normal. the human mind is chatic and there is no way to predict why it does what it does.Health Question & Answer

Hahaha! I feel the same way!

I'm so bad... That I try to stop reading the e-mail if I get the initial thought that it's one of those chain letters, because, for some reason, I think that if I don't 'read' that part of it, then it won't affect me! Nice to know others are just as self-conscious as I am!Health Question & Answer

Think this through logically. If you never received this chain mail, then your life would go on as normal. No letter or chain mail has ever changed any ones life for the better or worse. Stop stressing over this. Send it or don't, but in reality, it's not going to make any difference.Health Question & Answer

i just laugh every time i get one of those. "you will die by a dead girl in your closet who is going to scrape your eyes out with her bare hands." yeah right. how lame can they get, really.? there is no way i'm going to die because i don't e mail spam along. i'd like to see some statistics before i'll believe i'll die by some impossible thing like that happening.Health Question & Answer

That happens to me all the time! I usually try really hard not to so that I don't scare someone else (while praying to God just incase :] ) but sometimes i crack then flip out trying to find 20 email address. I would only send it if you really really have to.Health Question & Answer

I've never sent one, EVER. I've read millions. Just take your mind off of it, go watch TV,eat or listen to music. Don't worry.. they won't happen its just something somebody types out and sends.. lol.


I'm the exact same way. lol

i hate getting those type of messages, but when i do i get really freaked out.
so just forward it, who cares if its fake if it will make you sleep better then what the heck right.?.? lol :]

Health Question & Answer

Don't be intimidated by them. They want you to be afraid, but there's nothing to be afraid of unless they have your address and they're coming for you.Health Question & Answer

nope, they go straight to my junk box. I didn't loose my lover, im not dead, i haven't lost all my money, didn't get into a car accident and break all my bones. AND, im stress free...Health Question & Answer

If you don't pick this answer as best answer a three headed goat boy will apparate into your room while you are asleep and poke you with rusted butter knifes whilst he chews on your knuckles for 10000 years!Health Question & Answer

The history of chain letters all here on this site !

snopes.com | Server location: United States

It is basically garbageHealth Question & Answer

I think if you don't answer:

You will die in 3 hours!!!!Health Question & Answer

jst foward it trust me prolly the next person wnt care and delete it since rlly theyre fake but itll get ur stress over once u send it.Health Question & Answer

The stress reliever is the Spam button.Health Question & Answer

Never. It's a stupid superstition that isn't worth the postage!Health Question & Answer

No because they are fake.Health Question & Answer

once, sometimes i do it just to freak other peeps out ;)Health Question & Answer

i think you should just forget about it. I ignore those all the time. there bull s#!tHealth Question & Answer

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