Are anti-depressants a good idea?!

Question: Are anti-depressants a good idea.?
I have low confidence, self esteem and I feel down all the time. I have counselling but I dont think it's enough.Health Question & Answer

having been on a couple of different kinds i would say do start to rely on them and that's not good.
take st. johns wort - a natural supplement (though it counteracts the pill so if you are on that method of contraceptive have a re-think)
try social networking and join a club - i started volunteering for Special Olympics and im a new person!!
have you have your thyroid checked.? that's what mine stemmed from and took docs 4 years to diagnose it!!
go for a blood testHealth Question & Answer

Well first the question is, are you actually depressed.? It's a metal disorder or disease and theres a difference between being depressed and having depression. Most people do have times when they just feel down, and low self of esteem is pretty common. Probably be good to ask yocouncilorler about it and another important question is, does it effect your Performancence during the day and what role does it play.? Is it big enough where you feel hopless.? Or what...
Now if you want to get anti-depressants and decide that if effects your life enough and start asking about them...well I heard for some people they work very very well...other people I know they have made everything worse. But I do know many people who would not be living today if they werent on anti-depressants.Health Question & Answer

I think they are for some people and they're not for others. You won't know, though, until you've tried. My girlfriend is on anti-depressants and finds them really useful in helping her cope. At first, they didn't work and she had to go up a few doses before she had the full benefit. She didn't get many side effects so it worked out really well. It varies from person to person. Mostly, I'd say anti-depressants are a good idea once you've tried counselling and that hasn't properly worked out for you.

Best of luck.Health Question & Answer


(ANS) No.1 Sadly, people (the public) seem to have a very short memory, why.? because not very long ago (about 6mths ago ) the pharmaceutical companies & the medical profession finally revealed that anti depressants have little or zero benefit on patients diagnosed with depression by their GP. Any benefits from such drugs were due to a placebo effect only i.e. self belief that the drugs were working.

**No.2 Anti depressants are only usually prescribed for a short period these days by GP's as such drugs are known to be habit forming. Most GP's will only prescribe a short course of only a month or three months maximum.

No.3 GP's are also under budgetary pressure to prescribe fewer tablets these days too.

No.4 Perhaps the counseling is not working because you need to go deeper into exploring the root causes of your depression. I would suggest seriously thinking about some form of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is highly misunderstood its NOT for sick or mad people & it works in a different way to straight counseling. Its for ordinary or normal people with problems, the difference is that therapy reaches different depths & root causes by using a different model or approach to counseling.

No.5 NOTE:- counseling & all forms of therapy do have limits and often there are No! quick fixes, no silver bullet answers. But therapy might slowly help to feel differently & see your problems in a new way.

IvanHealth Question & Answer

have u tried any natural alternatives before you go on chemical prescription drugs. anything that boosts seretonin levels naturally will really help u. even exercise simple swimming or jogging does this. i try and go for a walk everyday and i feel so much better. st johns wort is sworn by and meant to be as effective as prozac. but if u have low confidence and self esteem try and find something your good at that gives u confidence and u will feel so much better. best wishes.Health Question & Answer

Antidepressants would not help with low confidence, and self esteem. Stick with the counselling for that, but see your doctor and they will be able to tell if you are clinically depressed, where the chemical balance in your brain is disturbed. Antidepressants will help with that. I wish you well.Health Question & Answer

i wondered this a few months ago, because my doctor kept saying to me - "why don't you try them.?"

if it's been suggested to you, then i would advise asking more about them, and asking your doctor if he thinks you should go on them. if he says yes, then there is no harm in trying something, but you should be aware of the side effects - increased suicidal ideation, etc. which he/she will explain to you.

for me, tablets were a last resort. they may work for you - at the moment they aren't for me - but it's different for everyone.

talk to your counsellor about it too - he/she can advise you better as they know you better.

alternatively, have you thought about cognitive behaviour therapy.? i am having that and it is a step on from counselling, although i am having counselling too and the balance is good.

have a talk to your gp, he/she knows you better than yahoo answers.

good luckHealth Question & Answer

talk to your doctor about taking anti-depressants. my psychologist prescribed me with lexapro, and wellbutrin to help me with my depression. talking to someone helps a lot, but when thats not enough anti-depressants may be a good addition. when i'm on my anti-d's i'm usually in a real better mood, but it doesnt make me feel 100% better, obviously.

hope i helped!Health Question & Answer

I think antidepressants will help you to stay in a good mood, which will give you enough strength to solve your problems and that's where counselling will be needed. But I wouldn't consider taking them for long time. They are not panacea, they are just a tool in taking a sober/ sensible view of things Health Question & Answer

It's preferable that you don't start taking anti depressants unless it's really necessary. I've been on them a few times, the last, only for a short while. I don't want to rely on artificial chemicals all the time. Only you can make that judgement. I would talk it over with you Doctor.Health Question & Answer

Hi! Well, my Dad has had severe-depression for a few years now. I can tell you that it was extremely bad at one point, so bad that he couldn't get words out. So we went to the G.P with him, and they gave him a prescription for Prosac ( I think that's the name ), a mild anti-depressant. That was about 3 months ago. Well, it seems that he has perked up, he smiles more, and I think his speech is improving. I think they can work, as long as you WANT to get better as well.
I wish you the best of luck.
From Helena
:o)Health Question & Answer

they made me have constant moodswings

every body reacts different to all medications u wil lhear some people who havebeenn taking it for years and they love it

but i got addicted to them at one point and got constant mood swings every hour 1 hour im sad 1 hour im happy drived me mad and after a week of taking them i cut off.Health Question & Answer

Anti-depressants do work but can be addictive, I have been on them for years Hun and i can't come off them now because i have withdrawal symptoms. Counselling can work in the long run if you are prepared to stick with it.
Good Luck and whatever you decide..Health Question & Answer

I heard if your on them for a good while and they could get you addicted, i dunno if that's true. So along that basis, i would say no.
Personally i would try a change of lifestyle (keep busy and do more things you like)
I wish you good luck in the futureHealth Question & Answer

go to a psychiatrist...see what they think-if you're really suffering you'll know and the decision should be made when you can answering yes to these:
-is it affecting my daily life.?
-am i really functioning the best i can.?
-do I feel as good as I "used" to.?Health Question & Answer

I think counselling is more effective. In particular Cognitive behavioural therapy, this would be better than drug therapy. All drugs have their side effects and with all SSRIs there is an element of withdrawal when you come off them.Health Question & Answer

anti-depressants do work and they will help you, don't be afraid to give them a try and make sure you trust the doctor that will be giving them to you.....Health Question & Answer

sometimes they are, I think. a small dose might just help.

PS> I have heard St John's Wort,which is a natural anti-depressant, is also very very effective.Health Question & Answer

Get motivated/counselled or Change ur style of life as simple as dat. Dont go for any antidepressants, they cause more damage than good @ d long run. GudluckHealth Question & Answer

Try and avoid them, if you can.Health Question & Answer

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