Whats the Best Type of self defense for a 13 year old boy that Also teaches him to be Aggressive?!

Question: Whats the Best Type of self defense for a 13 year old boy that also teaches him to be Aggressive.?
I've heard that Krav Maga has a kid program...but is their something better.?Health Question & Answer

Krav Maga is a very rough and deadly style, its set so you kill or maim your enemy so they can't come after you as quickly as possible. You can try Gracie Jujitsu, but that will mostly give him more attitude then aggressiveness. Most MMA styles will work for you but i would recommend staying away for places like Tiger Shoamans, its not really MMA.Health Question & Answer

I don't know any self-defense program that teaches anyone to be aggressive. Most of them teach respect and discipline and instruct their students to avoid fights whenever possible. It's called self-defense for a reason. But you could try tae-kwan-do, karate, jujitsu, things like that. Hope this helps! Health Question & Answer

brazilian jiu-jitsu is what you are looking for, you will not find it every where but it can be found in most major metro areas, there is a big push to grow the sport across the country, look for a school with a brazilian national running the schoolHealth Question & Answer

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