HELP!!! I'm having SO much trouble in school right now!!!?!

Question: HELP!!! I'm having SO much trouble in school right now!!!.?
Okay, so I'm a freshman in highschool but I've had trouble in school for years, although it's getting much worse. I have a major problem remembering things, lack of concentration, I get REALLY stressed/depressed over schoolwork almost all the time, I'm really bad with scheduling and I've missed the bus way too many times already this year, I feel like I'm trying harder than most kids but I'm so much slower, I have a huge problem with getting homework done, and I know this sounds weird but i sweat ALOT (im wondering if that has anything to do with my stress). And last year I was hospitalized a few times because of suicidal thoughts, crying all the time, and depression...all because of school. None of my teachers understand what's going on, and everybody at my school think I'm a really happy person all the time WHICH I'M NOT, and It just makes me more stressed out. I really want to succeed but I almost feel like giving up because I don't want to feel like this my whole life. (btw I've been a Christian for years and I let go of suicidal thoughts last year). I've been diagnosed with bipolar and depression, but I got myself undiagosed last year because I really didn't believe I had those, but now I'm starting to consider that maybe I do. Oh, and my mom has bipolar and borderline personality disorder, which my dad thinks I have, but idk. And I think something else that might be making all this even worse is that I probably have OCD. I swear, I'm SUCH a perfectionist and one year my teacher had to take away my eraser because I would ruin all my papers from using it too much. also, I get PISSED OFF when my lil' sister leaves the room messy (we share a room) and I have to be organized or I will just get stressed out and feel lost in whatever I'm doing. also, I used to have this problem (which i FINALLY got over) where every time i moved one hand I had to move the other, or every time I burped/hiccuped (when i'm not even around anybody) I HAD to say excuse me to myself, and if I mumbled I would pronounce it clearer. Oh, and another weird problem I have is that I'm REALLY paranoid when I'm home alone and I get afraid of the dark and I feel like something or someone is in the house or like there's a camera watching me. Another thing is that I have times where I'm REALLY hyper and I just want to bounce off the walls and run through the ceiling which is what I feel like right now and itz been goin on for 3 days straight but I'm really not usually like this, although when I am, it goes on for a few days...

WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!!.?Health Question & Answer

if i were you i would make a copy of this page and take it to your principal or a doctor because it seems that you need professional far as school is consern just do your best not everyone is eisntein or newton. I should wrongly reccoomend taking to your parents. i will definetly take to someone that knows about this kind of stuff and tell them how you fell.

Because i also once though of suicide, but i realize that God brought me to this world for a reason, and I still don't know why..

I would also recommen taking to a priest or someone at church and pray for help. But if this doesn't help don't loose hope because God works in weird ways and one day it will pay off.

dont lose hope..because after a thunder storm the sun will always come upHealth Question & Answer

It is Tourette Syndrome I am a doctor and look up Tourette Syndrome Okay.? It's gonna be alright! :p Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Even though I'm younger than you, I'm still just like you. Now, don't go on thinking theres something wrong with you. It could just be the type of person you are. If you'd like to go o the doctors about this and see if theres something wrong, It's the right thing to do. Now If I were you (and baically i am just like you) I'd talk to your mom and dad first, or some adult who is cloe to you. also, I know you could probably switch to some lower classes, and try to find a different way to your bus, like a short-cut around the school.?
Now about your attitude changes...
Don't worry about it. Everyones afraid of something. What helps is if you talk to yourself when your scared. Just a voice, even your own, will calm you down. And I get hyper all the time! It's just because your happy and your body isn't used to it because your always under this much stress.

Good luck, I hope I answered this question well.

<3 <3
your not alone!Health Question & Answer

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