Can people that have Schizophrenia ever really get better.?!

Question: Can people that have Schizophrenia ever really get better..?
I developed schizophrenia in 1960 at age 28. I was diagnosed a few years later as a schizophrenic paranoid. I am 76 now, still on medications but have not had an hallucination in over a decade. I was able to live a fairly normal life due primarily I think to the TLC of family, friends, doctors and nurses. The meds may have helped but for Years they did nothing for me but give me tardive diskenesia.

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No. Untreated schizophrenia tends to worsen as a person ages. At the most what we can do is control the symptoms. For many people, this is enough to let them lead relatively normal lives, however treatments don't work for everyone. There's a range in schizophrenia, though even at the mildest it's quite disabling. At the most extreme end it's totally resistant to all medical interventions, and symptoms can only be reduced somewhat.

It's the topic of a lot of research. It's incredibly doubtful that we'll ever be able to make it go away. Its root causes are obscure and buried in layers of brain function and genetics that probably won't be unraveled for decades. Most of the medical interventions being worked on are focused at controlling the active symptoms of schizophrenia to such a point where it no longer severely disables people.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely! It has been found that the symptoms normally lesson with age. In a case study done by Davidson (2008) a constituent of John Nash who also had schizophrenia and believed that people were trying to poison him, completely recovered through the help of his therapist who would eat with him and continually tell him that he would not poison him nor let anyone else poison him. also, John Nash (A Beautiful Mind) had a serious case of schizophrenia and eventually lived a fairly normal life as a college professor and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Health Question & Answer

No. They have medication that can help people with Schizophrenia live a little bit more normally and can help tone down the side effects. But unfortunately it will never completely dissapear.Health Question & Answer

Ehh no trust me Health Question & Answer

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