Anyone who is recovered from anorexia or is recovering?!

Question: Anyone who is recovered from anorexia or is recovering.?
How many calories did you eat a day while recovery ( and I mean for people who didnt go into treatment), and how much weight did you gain.? thanksHealth Question & Answer

You probably would rather have a number but I can't do it.

Anorexia is very serious and everyone is different. There are just too many variables - your height, current weight, how long you've had anorexia, if you've had any complications, etc.

Please please please don't depend on a number here. You're worth so much more than that.Health Question & Answer

well, when i was anorexic i was 5'8 and around 68-72 pounds. it was disgusting, of course i didnt see it, and i passed out a lot. now im 5'11 and 99 pounds. people still call me anorexic, but i know im not and i feel fine so w/e. when i was anorexic i ate around 200-300 calories a day. in recovery they made me eat 1000 calories at least. anorexia was a horrible experience, though im proud to say its done. i was only 13 at the time, and now im 14. i wasted over a year of my life starving myself and sh!t like that, it sucked. i gained like, 25 pounds. your gonna gain weight depending on how much you weigh now. at the time i thought it was nasty and id cry over every pound i gained. now i like my weight, so who cares. i hope you recover well. good luck!!! =DHealth Question & Answer

I never ate anything & I would do a lot of coke. When ever I did eat something I would run to go throw up.
But I moved out with my boyfriend and he has gotten me to start eating. I still dont eat as much as I use to and I dont do coke anymore. Like today I ate half a McGriddle at 10 in the morning... I might eat something later...
I lost about 40 pounds and everybody was like what are you doing....? But it wasnt an oh wow you look great what are you doing it was like you need to start eating again what are you doing.
There are times when I look at my self and I feel disgusting and I tell my mom I look fat. & she tells me stop being ridiculous. Its not really a healthy way to live.Health Question & Answer

ummmm i ate about 1000 cals but i dont know how much i gainedHealth Question & Answer

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