Why do I want to get hurt?!

Question: Why do I want to get hurt.?
I have this obsession with getting hurt. I guess I want to be in pain maybe.? I daydream a lot about getting in an accident or some other way that I might get hurt. I try to get bruises by punching myself, mostly on my arms. It's not that I want to die, I just really want to get hurt. I'm not really sure what I'm asking, just wondering how messed up this is...Health Question & Answer

i wonder if it's an attention seeking thing.?
most of the time when we get hurt we get attention right.?

i am not sure why you are doing it, but i think it's pretty cool you are able to identify the problem and talk about it
ultimately i think you should talk to someone professional about this, they can probably help you re-frame it and you can deal with it a lot quicker

best of luck!Health Question & Answer

Become a boxer. At least then you can get hurt for other people's pleasure and get paid for it. You might even get to sustain brain damage (that is what causes boxers to get knocked out). People who are sicker than you seem to love watching that. Another thing you could do is become self-mutilating performance artist. See the web site below for tips. If you can't abide the idea of getting hurt for the pleasure of sick people, I'm afraid your only other alternative is to seek some serious mental therapy.Health Question & Answer

i don't think its that screwed up, because i mean when im bored or sometimes i just really like punching my hairs and stuff so your not alone. but it seems like your IN LOVE with pain. i would try to talk to someone o it doesn't get worse. i wouldn't want you getting hurt to far like running in front of a car or falling down your stairs. so i would talk to someone but don't worry its not that messed up i just wouldn't want you to get hurt

OH and i hate these people telling you how you are so messed up and a freak. because you arnt. everybody is different and they need to get over that. if they cant they can all run in front of cars like there telling you to do.

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oh my god i have the same problem I'm trying to find a therapist about it. maybe you should do the same. i'm sorry that this answer wasn't much help but i just thought it was cool to find someone else with the same problem. i was actually looking on the internet today about it and i got some stuff about dependent personality disorder. look it up it might help
~sorry i wasn't much help ^^; Health Question & Answer

I'm sure that there's some sort of deeper meaning and reasoning behind how you're feeling. I suppose with many people who go through the same situations can usually trace these actions back to an issue with self-esteem and attention issues.
But don't just listen to what people online have to tell you. Go talk to someone who is a professional and they will have lots of valuable information to tell you.Health Question & Answer

mmm... Well if you bunch yourself for bruises, are they in places where others can see.? Maybe you just like the attention everyone gives you when they see them ...if they can see them. You might just get a rush from having everyone worry about you. Wanting attention is normal but causing damage to yourself isn't :-( Don't do it anymore. Maybe you should start seeing a psychiatrist. Health Question & Answer

Hi... i used to be the same way.

It came from frustration, feeling unaccepted, shoved aside and extremely low self-esteem.

Eventually, i did end up getting hurt very badly, not at my own volition. I was in an auto accident, and im here to tell you that seven months in the hospital with almost no visitors and total isolation changed my mind quickly.
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i would say pretty messed up

I w ould understand if you like pain for a sexual pleasure, but it doesnt seem that way.

you seem to want to get hurt maybe out of curiosity on how much you can take.

maybe it will take a serious accident for you to stop this.Health Question & Answer

For many people they want to feel physical pain to help get rid of the mental pain. If this is the case counsling really does help yet it takes time. If you can talk about it then you are far from messed up you are just stuck in a uncomfortable phase of life.Health Question & Answer

you are trying to get attention, something has happened in your life that you are bottling up and you are taking it out in different forms. stop being an idiot and tryint to hurt yourself andfigure out your true source of displeasure with life. once u find the source, fix it.Health Question & Answer


lol- i think you think this because when you get "hurt" there is an adrenaline rush that comes with it ( the bodys way of delaying actual pain)Health Question & Answer

Um, you should talk to a counciler about that problem, because it's pretty serious. Health Question & Answer

i guess your down this because ur frustrated with your life and you hate it.Try to divert your mind and do something of your interest.Health Question & Answer

it helps the pain insideHealth Question & Answer

do you get sexually aroused by it.? if so try S&M (whips nd stuff) could be a healthy way to express that side of yourselfHealth Question & Answer

really messed up...go n see a counsellor Health Question & Answer

Go to a psychiatrist and go now....this is really not good. Its really messed up...Health Question & Answer

You like getting hurt.? You and I would be a perfect couple then..Health Question & Answer

this is just ****** up go to ur parents and tell them and they'll take u 2 a doctor and give u drugs and **** or just jump infront of a driving car u freakHealth Question & Answer

use it to your advantage

become a prof boxer or somethingHealth Question & Answer

i think you are going through some trauma. i think you need to see a doctorHealth Question & Answer

maybe ur EMO.? u ever thinked about that.?Health Question & Answer

Same wiff me...Health Question & Answer

i think you should talk to a psychiatrist Health Question & Answer

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