I have depression, is it more likely to become bipolar or have OCD ?!

Question: I have depression, is it more likely to become bipolar or have OCD .?
Okay, So I have depression, and I take a pill everyday since I was about 13, (I'm 17)

Is there a connection to having depression & bi polar disease or OCD .?

Lately (about 2/3 months) I've been filled with energy at some point, and in about 2 minutes just totally down in the dumps. Or being really sad out of nowhere just because of something subtle.

also..I've been getting this thing when whenever I hear a siren I have to pull my hair exactly 45 times & if I don't, I feel like my family is going to die. or I have to tap something a special number of times, and I have to do something everyday before an event or something really bad is going to happen.
and excessive hand washing.

Please help.? What are opinions.? thank you.Health Question & Answer

Bipolar- No. If you have bipolar, that means you do not have depression. But, bear in mind, a manic episode is constituted by more than just periods of elation and periods of calmness. For one, there is an extended period of mania (a fast-cycling manic depressive goes from manic to depressed about one time a WEEK, most go by the month.) also, Bipolar disorder is closer to schitzophrenia than depression in terms of similair disorders, so I doubt that you have been misdiagnosed. They are very distinctive.

OCD- Highly probable. Unlike Bipolar disorder, ocd is a separate imbalance and a common morbidity to depression. As a matter of fact, it is extremely common that people with depression have some level of OCD and a social anxiety as well. If I were you, I would ask your psychiatrist about OCD and see what they think, but, regarding bipolar, I strongly doubt it. Health Question & Answer

ocd for sure. bipolar, not so much. alot of times we just get crazy mood swings. im not so sure abt the relation between the 2. I had depression when I was 8-10 and now again and I am 14. I dont have any problems with ocd/bipolar.

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having depression does not mean you are going to get other mental illnesses but you do sound like you have OCD you need to seek medical help to get the right diagnosis. some symptoms can be close to other illnesses like depression bipolar etcHealth Question & Answer

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My opinion is, if you know you're doing these things (pulling the hair, or excessive handwashing), then work to change it.. Sometimes i think that people give in to their issues, without realizing it takes effort and work on their parts to find change.

So if you were seeing a therapist or psychiatrist, they would expect you to put forth effort to gradually change (in the amount of time YOU need, if and when you will recover). Some people do very well... others do not.

If you do work on change, but still have difficulties, it's best to talk with the doctor.

Depression is a symptom of bipolar disorder. I have had bipolar disorder for 30 years, and believe me, it's not something you want to have.

Everyone has mood swings, and for many reasons. Mood swings don't make a person bipolar. There are many other symptoms, and a doctor is needed to make this sort of diagnosis.

I sure hope things work out for you... and if you have parents, it might be a good idea to tell them how you are feeling. That's what they are for -- to help you get through and do their best to take care of you!

sending hugs
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