Is this a strange phobia to have?!

Question: Is this a strange phobia to have.?
My biggest fear is throwing up.
I would literally rather die than throw up. If anyone at my house has any stomach problems, I get really tense and scared that I'm going to catch it if it's contagious and get sick.
And honestly, I'm not OCD or anything like that, I just hate throwing up.Health Question & Answer

not strange you have gotten some good answers here but it looks like i am the only one who had this i am now 48 m growing up i would not drink alcohol in fear of a hangover and getting sick never drank and still to this day don't drink orange juice because of getting ill from it but did not throw up from it it finally went away in my 30s now when i get sick i usually power puke 3 times and it is over better than holding it in like the past but try to think back to where you might have got this i got it when i was about 9 or 10 and felt ill was in the bathroom my step dad got behind me and squeezed me over and over toll i got sick i still remember that night like it was last night Health Question & Answer

If you look at what phobias are out there, this is actually quite common one. There are some other fun ones, such as fear of men with beards,....

Phobias are irrational in their very nature, there is nothing logical about them. They are irrational fears. They tend to come about for several reasons.

If you should decide to want to get rid of your phobia, there is a very easy way to do this: NLP. The phobia cure model in neuro linguistic programming is highly useful and effective in dealing with these things, and it should not take more than 30minutes for you to not have this problem anymore.Health Question & Answer

Yes- in fact when I was 5 years old, I was so scared to go to the toilet that I'd constipate myself for several days or even weeks- I'm OK now but I have no idea as to why I was like that!
Thats my story of a strange phobia!

Anyway vomiting isn't that bad- everyday people vomit for several reasons and they don't die at all-in fact there are people who cause themselves to vomit delibrately!
also vomiting doesn't happen that often for most people- I don't even remember the last time I threw up!Health Question & Answer

I can't imagine any one who actually likes it...even those unfortunate souls who make themselves do it to get/stay thin! I don't think it's all that strange, there's probably a reason behind it you just haven't figured out yet. If it gets to the point where it bothers you too much or somehow hinders your everyday living, see a therapist for help.

Good luck with it.Health Question & Answer

I had a friend like that once; she just couldn't bare it. Even the sound of someone gagging made her ill.

Is there something in your past that made you feel like this.?
Were you ever very sick, and perhaps, threw up to excess.?

It's most likely caused by something in your younger years.Health Question & Answer

This is called emetophobia, and is actually the 5th most common phobia, so you are definitely not alone in this. Check out the following link to a page devoted to the topic providing help and answers.Health Question & Answer

My aunt has this fear too. She would not leave her home or travel anywhere for fear of throwing up. She got some help and now she is able to spend 1 night somewhere else besides her home. It's not a weird phobia cause you're not the only one.Health Question & Answer

no phobi is strange ( or they all are) they just are what they are phobias. my mom had same phobia. Self talk helps with phobias , like " throwing up is a normal bodily function" " This is no big deal" or whatever helps ,until the fear passesHealth Question & Answer

It's not a strange phobia to have. Actually you will be amazed how many different phobias there are. Don't be too harsh on yourself. It's Ok. When you accept it- the phobia will gradually disappear. Health Question & Answer

My gal pal has the same phobia and she is pregnant with extreme morning sickness...she says the pregnancy (all the throwing up really) allowed her to come to some terms with her fear...she said 'practice makes surrender'
She's cute.Health Question & Answer

Nope... phobia has many variations - and yours isn't even topping the list of the strangeness of phobias. Health Question & Answer

in that case ur gunna hate college.
its a strange phobia. if it was just a fear it would be nomal.
try hypnotherapyHealth Question & Answer

My gf has the same phobia and i thewup on her one time actually and she freaked soo i sayits not strange but unique:)Health Question & Answer

i dont think you are strange at all! most people dont like throwing up! Health Question & Answer

Don't eat the black and white cookie.Health Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

not really i hate bein sick

because i cant breath it comes through my noseHealth Question & Answer

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