Your experience with Wellbutrin-SR?!

Question: Your experience with Wellbutrin-SR.?
If you take Wellbutrin-SR (not XL) please comment with your experiences, whether good or bad. Thank you. also please include your dosage and reason for taking it, in addition to how long you have been on it.Health Question & Answer

My father takes Wellbutrin and has been on it for about 2 years now. I don't know the dosage he takes but i do know that out of all that he has taken this is the best one for him. No real side effects, no seizures, no sexual side effects (this was the only one that did not effect this for him). also it is one of the best for withdrawal symptoms for when and if you are ever ready to go off of it. Good luck!!! :) also wanted to ad that if you smoke it will help you cut back or even quit.Health Question & Answer

I took it to help quit smoking a few years ago. It helped me with not craving ciggs and I quit successfully. Some days I felt pretty good while taking it and other days it made me feel OFF, and I also felt really queasy, which made me decide to get off it. I don't remember my dosage and I took it for 2 years.Health Question & Answer

Heck I was on wellbutrin and as soon as I found out a side effects were seizures I through them out. I was not on them but for the time it took for me to read.
Like I need a drug that causes seizures when I have them anyways!! Health Question & Answer

I am not on it anymore but it helped me quit smoking, and I had very little side effects from it.Health Question & Answer

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