Are you Crazy ??????????!

Question: Are you Crazy .?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
Does that make you crazy.? Guess how old i am and where i got my degree.? Health Question & Answer

-12 and Kazakhstan. Health Question & Answer

first you would need to take off the door panel using a flat head screw driver. then unscrew the three screws holding it in. unplug the wires and hook up the new one. screw that one in and put the door panel back on. and uve got brand new speakers installed.Health Question & Answer

i think you are 13 ..15 max
so you're still in school
and yes.. i think that i'm crazy for answering you!Health Question & Answer

No, WTF,2011,no where!!!!!!!! I'm tired :)Health Question & Answer

your 26 and ASUHealth Question & Answer

Okay, here goes:


Out of a Gerber's jar.?Health Question & Answer

i think u're crazyHealth Question & Answer

I am

u are 20-25
u got ur degree in texasHealth Question & Answer

yep. 10 and you don't have one for writing this.Health Question & Answer

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