What are the long-term effects of cannabis usage?!

Question: What are the long-term effects of cannabis usage.?
Is it true it burns away neurons in the brain.? Now I don't want any biased answers, we all know drug usage is generally exaggerated by the conservatives and alleviated by the liberals, I want the facts.Health Question & Answer

I have noticed in recent years a decrease in my short term memory. I have to be real moderate or I start getting lazy and bored. Nothing is good for you if you overdo it.
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I've heard that prolonged smoking of marijuana can lead to a slowing down of mental capacity. At least that's what the doctors claim. And I also heard that smoking one joint is like smoking 4-5 cigarettes at once, because it's so harsh.

You can eat it too, but I've never tried it that way. I wonder if it still destroys brain cells if you eat it instead.?

But I'm wondering if that has to do with the purity and the different types of reefer out there. The ones that are given to sick people are actually tightly controlled and they look like cigarettes. I saw this documentary on HBO and they were showing the few patients who actually were permitted to get medical marijuana, before the government (USA) shut it down. Now, I think it's ok for certain states to give it out, like here in Calif, but I hear that they get raided because they aren't licensed(.?) Anyway, it's complicated.

The reason I don't like smoking the chronic is because I eat like there's no tomorrow when I'm high. And that's NO GOOD! I'd would be as big as a house if I continued to smoke pot! That's the only side-effect that I don't like about it. Otherwise, I would be a total pot head, LOL.=)

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The fact is if you use it everyday you will become fat and lazy. The cells in your brain will be dying as time goes by, so at some point you will only be using about half of your thinking capacity. Health Question & Answer

wikipedia itHealth Question & Answer

There will be a million reasons not to smoke pot, drink beer,have sex etc.

I smoke pot and love it.Health Question & Answer

laziness, and infertility in menHealth Question & Answer

noooooooo research youll find info everywhere SPARK IT UP smoke till i die! Health Question & Answer

You tend to be a more relaxed person and... um....., I forgetHealth Question & Answer

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