What's going on? Professionals advice please?!

Question: What's going on.? Professionals advice please.?
I don't know what's going on with me!! One minute I'm a happy calmish person the next I'm an argumentative cow!! One minute I'm so happy and positive and the next I can't stop crying. It's causing HUGE rows with me and my partner and I just don't know what to do. I try hard not to cry in front of my 1 year old coz it makes him cry but last night I just couldn't stop. It's like my moods can change to extreme!! Any professionals help please, no nasty commentsHealth Question & Answer

I know you little boy is 1 year old now but you could still have or have a delayed post natal depression problem it does nt always come straight after the birth of a baby, you sound like your emotions are very unsettled and you feel trapped inside your own head wondering what on earth is going on , you do need to see a dr or a counsellor maybe just to try and get your head clearer, the stigma or seeing a counsellor is not there any more or at least it should nt be it is nothing to do with psychological disease, I saw one 2 years ago when I was on the verge of a breakdown and over 12 weeks she helped me clear things and feelings out in my head , not always pleasant and things were there I thought had gone years ago and they will help you sort out all the problems and put everything back in a better cop able order I hope this makes sense and sorry I am so long but please get help and don Let anyone tell you your mad enjoy your baby s 1 st years to the best of your ability Health Question & Answer

I think you should perhaps go and see your G.P who will then send you on to the right person to help you deal with this. It could be hormonal or due to something you don't like in your life, it could be post natal depression as you said you son is one.? It could also be bipolar disorder.?Health Question & Answer

it could be because your 18 with a 1 year old...that could depress you..my sister is 22 with a 3 year old and sometimes will yell and scream and cry and get really annoying just like a 3 year old...try going out with friends, walking in the park(alone)listening to rock music you know, all the good stuffHealth Question & Answer

maybe get checked for post natal depression your baby is still young and whether your happy with your boy or not your emotions are all over the place it wouldn't hurt to try and it may help take some of the strain away see your GPHealth Question & Answer

not be rude, but it sounds like your coming into menopause, or that your hiding something and the stress of keeping it in is making you snap.Health Question & Answer

Hormonal. See the doctor. Do you get worse just before a period. Do you have money worries. Are you tired. all these things make people moody.Health Question & Answer

I can advise you to go to the doctor and tell him everything. He should be able to help you.Health Question & Answer

bipolar.? ask your doctor hun =] he's there to helpHealth Question & Answer

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