Felt like i'd been there before...?!

Question: Felt like i'd been there before....?
I'm from the UK. When i went to Florida recently, i felt like i had been there before, i almost felt like i could recognize places as i drove past them. It was really really strange and made me feel upset. Why was this.? Am i just mental.? It really disturbed me.Health Question & Answer

That feeling is called deja vu, and there are those who say you may have visited Florida on a spiritual level, and there are those who will say you have probably been overloaded with images of Florida and American buildings, sites, culture, and so on over the years. Either is possible, but it's not harmful, just frustrating as you try to remember how you know this place!

Hope you had a good time in Florida! Health Question & Answer

OMG ME TO! I AM 13 and this happens to me all the time!! whenever i go someplace new it sometimes feels like it is happened before or if i try something new i thought wa s never done before it feels like it has.. this is normal to me but i don't know if u heard but my dad told me that whenever we die we are reborn or something if u are chosen and u are completely refreshed and ready to make a new life again but sometimes u have feedbacks on what really has happened before i don't know.... but its nothing to worry about :) and u are not mental U probably were just over excited or maybe a recent dream perhaps....Health Question & Answer

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