Being feeling low for quite a while now?!

Question: Being feeling low for quite a while now.?
any time i try to build my confidence I just become over-confident and its the only way I feel confident but i am very consious of the way people look at me when being sure of myself as i may seem too sure.
So now I've just lost any belief that Ive had in myself..
Has anyone felt like this and any tips on how to overcome this or anyone at all!Health Question & Answer

Ok Hon you have already won 1/2 of the battle and that is because you know what your doing wrong and can identify your problem. So you have a great start. Maybe you should try doing a job you have never done before. Something that will challenge your mind and tame down that over confidence. Then if you develop that over-confident attitude after that well then maybe you have the right to do so. I mean find a job that you would never in a million years think you could ever do. Then work your hardest and see what you can accomplish. Then you will either get a reality check or else you will have earned the right to your feelings. Best of Luck to you.Health Question & Answer

Add more info age, why you are depressed, what symptoms etc...

The only thing I can say is Recognize the negative thought,
Reject it. you have been down that road Neo, You know where it leads,
Redirect your thoughts in a positive way.

Read a book on depression or even a good classic book that is uplifting.Health Question & Answer

yeha i feel like every time i am on a good streak i get knocked back down. you have to say to yourself. two steps forward for every one step back. i believe in you. you wrote this question and now you know you need a little pysh. im hear if you need help with anything. practicing coping skills helpsHealth Question & Answer

Take a mini-vacation ,say to a Caribbean Island with a good friend for a few days, unwind and continue to njoy your lifeHealth Question & Answer

maybe you suffer from Schizophrenia. but you just dont have a split personality.Health Question & Answer

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