I have to give a presentation soon....help?!

Question: I have to give a presentation soon....help.?
How do I overcome my fear of going up there and speaking in front of people because i really dont have any belief I can do it as i will get really nevous and it wont allow me to give my presentation..
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Here is my standard blurb on this topic:

I was always really really shy, to the point the teachers thought I was mentally retarded. Now I am very good at public speaking, because I took debate and speech class in high school, lectored at church, ran a large hobby club (200 members) and was a teaching assistant (graduate student) at a university. I was also a debate coach for 4 years. I had to kick myself in the butt hard to do all that, but look, I did it. I am still really really shy. So here are my tips:

Fake it until you make it. Consciously relax your posture, watch your voice pitch (a lot of nervous people squeak) and avoid nervous tics like clicking a pen, tapping, shifting from side to side, bouncing on your feet, shoving your hands in your pocket. Fold your hands in front of you a little above waist height. That way they are available to gesture. Go ahead and act while you tell your story - most people are afraid to take a chance, so if there is something exciting, go ahead and say that part really loud or be really dynamic. Write a note to yourself that you read just before- - watch your pitch, avoid swaying, talk slowly, whatever you need to remind yourself. MOST PEOPLE TALK TOO FAST. Tape record yourself. I bet you are talking too fast.

Pick out a person to tell your story to. Tell them a couple sentences, then pick another person. Pick people you know if any, to make it a bit easier.

Practice a few times. You don't want to do it too many times or it sounds really rehearsed. Practice in front of a friend and ask for pointers. Make sure you have good notes, not word for word like a speech, but a sparse outline.

If you are a really shy person, your speech may still be awful, but you need to keep it up, and you can be one of the best public speakers around. It is a superb skill to have.
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Just went through the same thing myself this week. I gave my first presentation to 20 co-worker on a subject I knew they would not be open to.
I read through my material several times- it was a 2 day 16 hr total presentation on Mental Health and the legal system.
You have the training material and they have no idea if you are exactly on cue or not. Believe me they feel for you also, due to the fact speaking in front of people tends to be a fear most people have.
I don't know how long your presentation is, but give appropriate breaks. Try to find a few friendly faces in the crowd if you don't know them personally and talk mainly to those friendly faces.
Above all due not take any drugs before doing your presentation, unless it's daily medication. Nothing worse than acting like you're out of it in front of a crowd. God Bless and Good Luck Reggie
P.S. make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, an outfit you feel good inHealth Question & Answer

Don't believe the old corny treatments that some peopel will say. "Counting to eight" or "Breathing slowly" didn't help me. I do have a way that made it much better.

Let the fear run through you for a moment. Think about how bad it feels. Now, think about it this way. You can go up and read with that same feeling, and come out with the appreciation of everyone and more self esteem. If you actually know what you are talking about, and have any amount of intelligience, odds are that you will have a great speach.

The people in the audience aren't there to do anything but listen to what you have to say and how you say it. When you get done, you can proudly look at how other people speaking act.Health Question & Answer

I have the same problem. First off do you have a natural gift for talking to people one on one if so follow my advice it woks for me anyway. I try to calm myself off stage before the presentation by breathing and trying not to think of all the people in the audience. DO NOT PACE BACK AND FORTH it only makes you more nervous. I keep telling myself it will be alright over an over also I reherse my speach out loud. When the person calls my name to come to the microphone I take 1 deep breath in; hold for a sec and breath out slowly as I walk to the mic. Give a little smile and start. Do your best not to stare at the audience or sway back and forth or side to side. (This one girl did it in class and by the middle of her speech the whole class was swaying back and forth.) After the first 2 minutes or so I forget all about the audience and concentrate on the speech maybe throw in a little personal info if it fits with the speech. Before you know it times up. If you feel up to it let them ask some questions or say "if you have any questions see me backstage" it is professional and polite. Hope this helps. Health Question & Answer

practicing your presentation a few times might help you to relax. when your giving the presentation dont look at the entire audience, just focus on what your doing, or look at one or two friends if you have any in the audience. if all else fails, just fake confidence untill you really feel it, im v shy too, but thats what i did when i had to do a presentation recently. i was v scared, but i did itHealth Question & Answer

can you talk one to one with someone.? that's all that you have to do. when you go up to give your presentation find one person that you know well and look at them throughout your presentation. don't look at anyone else just them as if you were telling them what you have to say. i am terrified of getting up in front of people but when i was a young teenager my minister needed someone to hold a youth church service while the adult one was going on in the sanctuary. it was supposed to change from person to person each week but it never seemed to happen that way. so somehow it all wound up on me. i had to plan the musicHealth Question & Answer

What the worse that can happen.? you get nervous and anxious. You will still be alive. It's hard to grasp- but the best way to conquer your fear is doing the things you fear from (I once was like you- I was totally nervous in my first presentations- I was blushing and mumbling and sweating. But today I lecture to hundreds of people- because I kept doing the things I fear from and most importantly I learned not to fight my anxiety)Health Question & Answer

You need to practice your presentation a few times (aloud) preferably infront of an audience, your bf or your parents. That will give you more confiedence because you know you are able to do it. They say practicing a few times your presentation reduces your anxiety by 75%.
You will be fine!Health Question & Answer

same here last year i pracriced so hard on a presentation too i could tell you word to word by the sceond im presenting it i stutter my face gets hot and red and i cant look upHealth Question & Answer

deep breathing is the best way. count to eight slowly while inhaling and eight exhaling. also get a xanax. good luckHealth Question & Answer

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