Why come I can only focus on the negative side of everything???!!!!!!?!

Question: Why come I can only focus on the negative side of everything.?.?.?!!!!!!.?
like it doesnt matter what I hear or see. even if someone is giving me the best advice they could tell me, my brain like blocks all the positivism I can get from it and only focuses on all the things that can affect me in a bad way. and I get frustrated by it all the time. really I always completely ignore positive things and put all my attetin in how something bad could affect me now or in the future.

really is there anything I can try or practice to try to keep it together an look at life in a positive way. anything but meds cuz I know for a fact that it is never the best help one can getHealth Question & Answer

1 you have a problem
2 people give you an advice
4 but you feel it doesnt solve the problem
5 no solution
then what happens.?

you lose hope.
this causes
- negativity
as it prolongs
-you begin to see everything negatively

"it doesnt matter what i hear or see"

1 so what matters for you.?
2 if its not hearing or seeing,
maybe its what you want to be "doing"

somethings stopping you
(thats why your getting advice)

- illness
maybe this.?

so if this is stopping you,
1 curing or coping with your illness means you can "do" what you want to "do"

so you can start from
what the illness is
and how do you cure it.
or who can cure it.Health Question & Answer

Try reading a self help book based on Cognitive Therapy (changing thought patterns from negative to positive). I'm in the middle of reading The Feeling Good Handbook by David D. Burns, and it's effective for treating depression, anxiety, and other problems that form from negative thoughts. I recommend you buy it, because it's proven to work just as well, if not better than antidepressants. Another thing to do to try and get rid of the thoughts is regular exercise, and possibly seeing a therapist to help with your troubles.

Good luck <3Health Question & Answer

Just look in the mirror everyday and say positive things.
I am beautiful.
I am smart.
I have a great future ahead of me.
I will do my best.

And get one of those bands that you wear around your hand that say things like HOPE and COURAGE and CONFIDENCE especially.
I really need one of those too. My friends and I put stickies on our hands with the word CONFIDENCE written on them, and we wore them for the whole day.Health Question & Answer

it takes lots and lots of hard work. you need to make a list of your best qualities and paste them on the bathroom mirror so you can read them often. every time you think something neg. try to find something positive in the situation. use humor it works the best.Health Question & Answer

I'm the same exact way! I really don't know what to do, but i just try my hardest to think of good things... i know that we're the opposite of that, but it's the only way (in my opinion) to start thinking of things in a positive way.Health Question & Answer

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