Why do I keep thinking about this guy?> ?!

Question: Why do I keep thinking about this guy.?> .?
When I had a chance to be with him I didn't ands know I havent seen him in like 2 years and I still think about him, he is my inspiration for alot of my writings, also every time I see a guy that looks like him i instantly want that guy, and I always think he is around me, I feel as if I am being protected by him...am I insane.?>Health Question & Answer

No, I had something similar like that. Whenever you think about something a lot you'll see it everywhere, like 23ism, or if you gotta pee you'll notice water everywhere, making you have to go more.

The reason you probably think about him a lot is because since the time you turned him down you've felt regret about it and noticed what a mistake you probably made. You're falling for him so much because, perhaps, your mind has formed him to be everything you've ever wanted. Changed your memory a bit.

I don't have any scientific terms for ya, sorry, but that's whats probably going on.

To get him out of your head you might wanna really think long and hard about this guy, think of every fault you can and try focusing on those, or find yourself a guy and try to go crazy over him. That also might help.

Hope I was of some help, like I said, thats happened to me before.Health Question & Answer

nooo not at all insaine. its a girl thing haha. it sucks, but i have been there, and eventually you will find someone else who will be a new inspiration and hopefully you wont be so hurt every time you see or do things that remind you of him. i still think of this guy i had a thing with my sophmore year of high school, and i probably always will remember him, but i have someone else now whom i love and that makes thinking of the other guy not hurt or feel so annoying. idk if that makes any sence, its hard to explain..but you arnt insaine.Health Question & Answer

No hon your not insane at all.. sounds like you loved him very much. When we loose someone we loved it is very hard to let go of the feelings we had for them when we were with them. It is natural I know it's been along time but trust me you will get over this in time. But what is bothering me is the statement of" I want him" towards other men.Sweetheart sex should be done only when two people are very much in love. If you are trying to substitute him in other people you are in for a huge heartbreak. They will use you to the max because they don't know you nor do they care, as long as you are giving it to them they have no reason to think otherwise. Does that make sense to you.? Best of luck to you. Gentle HugsHealth Question & Answer

no. Health Question & Answer

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