Is is stressful to be too nice?!

Question: Is is stressful to be too nice.?
About a month ago, I got a job working as an administrative asst at a front office. I found out from my Manager that the person who had the job before me was fired because she didn't say hello and smile to coworkers.

Because of this, I try extra hard to be nice and friendly to everyone even though some people I click with better than others. I think this is getting to me. I feel forced to say good morning, say hello throughout the day, smile, talk, say goodbye, etc to everyone.

I consider myself a nice person, but is there such a thing as too nice.?

Can it take its toll.?

What should I do.? I've been there a month now and it would be weird to suddenly change my personality, but I don't know if I can upkeep this "fake" always happy personality either. What to do.?

Thanks. Health Question & Answer

Be yourself- don't be so nice all the time. When you think about it- you put so much effort and for that.? If you have good hart and you're kind (and I'm sure you have more good qualities)- people will love you anywayHealth Question & Answer

I think as long as you say "Good Morning" ...etc. some of the time you are still being nice to people. It does seem like this could become draining if you spoke to every single person that came in.
Be nice some of the time. Just act like you are very busy doing your job. As long as you are nice to the people some of the time, I think you should be OK. Good Luck.Health Question & Answer

be urself or you'll burn urself up with all this fake stuff...

once and a while. be nice of course...

and when people say hello or good morning to u. its repectful to say it back...

i work in an office and i never ever say good morning to anyone unless they say it first to me...

im wierd like that... sometimes when i dont want to talk. i just nod my head when they say hi.

so be urself. or find a new job and then be urself.Health Question & Answer can really take a toll on you. in high school...people just walked right over me, and i got hurt alot. im still a really nice person, but if someones hurting you or someones giving you s!@t dont let them use you.Health Question & Answer

but you can't force yourself into something you are not
a person who is nice usually come from a lack of stress
and life that is in order
but not always
there is always exceptions to the rule of course

part of being nice is not valuing the negative

as in why even care about negativity in any form or fashion

i generally do not stress
and kids pity those who do
as they seem to make issues far more important than they really are
i am goal oriented and thus can focus better verse those who stress and lose sight and objective

i have been called nice with an upbeat attitude
i can talk well with other and perfect strangers
since i tend to see only positives and ignore the negatives
there are good people in this world
you just have to decide if you are one of them
and not worry if you get canned for not being nice enough

if you are a good person and you get canned for not being nice enough
trust me when i say it wasn't lack of personality that got you canned
it was lack of performance

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Your statement that you click with some people more than others is completely true. You can be professionally nice without being fake.. Some of the things you describe are just good manners-saying hello and goodbye are just part of what we do.Unless bending over backwards was part of the job description I would keep it professional. If you are naturally nice this should not be difficult.
If your true personality is "nice" how would you be changing your personality come Monday. I'm not sure how someone gets fired for not smiling-I would be pretty sure there was more to it than that.
I'm not sure there is such a thing as too nice, but I do think there is being phony,fake or a fraud. Be you..If you would get fired by some weird chance it obviously wasn't meant to be. God Bless ReggieHealth Question & Answer

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