I came out positive for adderal but i was prescribed vyvanse.. used adderal from a friend. what should i do?!

Question: I came out positive for adderal but i was prescribed vyvanse.. used adderal from a friend. what should i do.?
I take vyvanse it was prescribed by a dr. well the problems is i dont have health insurance and it cost me alot so i just figured i buy adderall of this boy its not as strong as mine but it does the job. ok so i take a drug test and they find adderal in me and want me to take the rx number and prescribtion to prove it was given by a dr. but it wasnt i could only take the vyanse one.. whats gonna happen.? are they gonna know.? it came out positive for adderal. im scaredHealth Question & Answer

ADHD medications are made of similar substances. So if a drug test shows positive for ADHD medication, it is going to show up as speed or amphetamines and not as Adderall. Unless it is some crazy drug test that tests for specific brands..

"The latest medication to get approval to treat ADHD is Vyvanse, a long acting stimulant that is similar to Adderall. In fact, its main ingredient is lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, a derivative of one of the ingredients in Adderall. Initially available in 30mg, 50mg, and 70mg capsules, newer 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg capsules should be available soon."


Vyvanse and Adderall have a similar chemical structure, so your prescription for Vyvanse will get your butt out of trouble. You're good!Health Question & Answer

Stop taking someone else MDS. You take what your Doc prescribed for you. You don't want to fool around with someone elses prescribed MDS.

Did you talk to your Doc and tell him you don't have enough money to pay for vyvanse, that you don't have insurance.? Your Doc may be able to work something out. Clinics and hospitals have funds just for this.

If this boy is selling you adderal, he's padding his pockets and if caught, bye bye to your supplier. Eventually he'll get caught and you may be going for a ride right along side of him. Against the law to sell and bye drugs as I think you already know. If you can buy adderal from him, I suspect you can pay for your own MDS.

At least check it out with your Doc and be truthful about no insurance. If they want to make a big deal about it, you could get into a lot of hot water. You're doing something that's against the law. If you don't have insurance then find out what you can do about it. Don't buy drugs off the street. Know that they know what you have been doing, you can be guarenteed more blood tests.

For God's sake you're buying Adderal and they don't even work as well as your own. Think about what you're doing. I'm sorry that you don't have insurance, but it still doesn't make it right what you're doing. To make matters worse, you're paying more for the adderal. If you haven't checked about finances at the clinic or where you go, then that's the first thing you "should" have done insteat of buy drugs off the street.
Police aren't going to look at it any other way...the jerk selling and you buying. Do the right thing, instead of winding up in jail, because that's where you're heading. The kid selling you the adderal, where do you think he got it from. Don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

The idiot isn't helping you, he's helping himself, if that's what you want to call it. Keep hanging with the idiots, you'll soon be the same. One thing leads to another. Better get educated about what goes on, on the streets. Think you have a pretty good inkling. Health Question & Answer

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