Does abilify have a generic brand? what anti depressants/psychotics have generic?!

Question: Does abilify have a generic brand.? what anti depressants/psychotics have generic.?
the meds im on right now i dont like cuz of the twitch and weight gain i got. is abilify, effexor, or wellbutrin available in a generic brand.? or are there any anti depressants/ psychotics available as a generic brand that dont cause weight gain.? Thanks!Health Question & Answer

An easy way to find out about the generics is to check your insurance program if you have one. Otherwise you may want to contact your pharmacy they should be able to tell you. Third ask your psych. they would know which drugs have generics. I hope you find what you're looking for.Health Question & Answer

abilify, unfortunately, does not come in generic form yet. i am unsure of the other two.

abilify works... but, i will tell you that i have a fine hand tremor from it and it's difficult to sit still on it. it was hard to sleep when i first started taking it.... but, that has gotten better.

trileptal is another i have been on that supposedly isn't supposed to make you gain as much. lamictal is another.

good luck.Health Question & Answer

I take a generic zoloft. It works great for my personally and is way cheaper. I do know effexor doesn't have a generic because my hubby takes tit. also seroquil does not have a generic.Health Question & Answer

Abilify and Effexor XR do not currently have generics, but Effexor (non extended release) does (venlafaxine) and Wellbutrin does (bupropion). Health Question & Answer

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