Do you think this was too harsh or she needed it?!

Question: Do you think this was too harsh or she needed it.?
My friend was anorexic, she went into rehab for it and everything and lost like 100 lbs or something, and now she looks fine, or maybe even needs to gain a little. She told my sister she wants to go anorexic again and this is what my sister said...
"crap, ______,
why do you do that.?
there is such thing as eating healthy and working out, ya know.
being anorexic (again) is just gonna get you back in that hospital place, where people are gonna look at you weird, wondering why the heck you do that to yourself.
and you look FINE, it looks like you need more weight than less.
im surprised you havent learned your lesson.
actually, no im not. cause apparently, you dont care about anything except how you look. and if thats how you wanna live your life-all superficial and junk, that go ahead, cause i dont give a crap what you do to yourself anymore."

Do you think she was too harsh.? I told her it was what she needed to hear, cuz this girl dealt with anorexia for 3 years, finally got over it, and now she wants to do it again. But my sister think she was too harsh...I think it's fine in her case, but if it was with someone who just admitted they were anorexic for the first time I could understand, everyone baby fed her and treated her like a baby and everything over it, and she even said sometimes she did it just for attention...Do you think it's too harsh or something she needed to hear (It's been about a year or 2 since she "conquered" anorexia, but apparantly not I guess..Health Question & Answer

no not at all she realy needs to eatHealth Question & Answer

Anorexia isn't about trying to be selfish. Its a mental disorder- she can't control it. It controls her. Almost all patients who "recover" eventually relapse. she needs to go to a psychologist. someone who specializes in eating disorders. nothing you say to her or try and guilt trip her with is going to keep the disease from controlling her. get her some real help. Health Question & Answer

Yes. It was too harsh, but I can see why she said it. Anorexia can be very frustrating to the people around you who love you, and you can be very frustrated with them as well. But it was harsh. Your friend has a mental problem that wasn't her fault. Health Question & Answer

Not harsh at all. Someone needs to slap some sense into that girl. Health Question & Answer

This is a bad practice to follow in terms of heath disorder as she is trying to go against the nature.Ask her to do a time management for herself regarding her eating habits.She has to have a little overweight in order to to give birth to a healthy child.Irregularities will get imbibed to the child she is going to give birth which will make her life hell as they will be intolarent in nature and feeding them for their nomal growth will be very difficult to manage.If your wife wants to remain slim and trim the the path chosen by her is wrong and she will undersand the truth when everyting will be beyond her control.
Please do select the best answer rather than keeping it open.Ask me for further details so that both of you can enjoy life rather than wasting your doctors in the future to come.Health Question & Answer

Well it really depends, you didnt tell us how thin she really is ro how old she is.

im about 15 and ive had anorexia for 6 years, and im 5'5 now, and 95lb, which i KNOW is thin, but it isnt dangerous. but when my friend tell me im too thin and that being that thin is ugly, it makes em so upset and uncomfortable aboutmyself, i just dont eat for a while, so it depends

if shes like 80 pounds and 5'7 then HELL YES she needed to hear that

but if shes like me, it was probably to harsh

but it sou nds like shes the real deal, BMI = 5 kinda thing, and if yes, than she needs that, but be sure to sugarcoat everythign you say for a while so she doesnt become upset, because being upset makes anorexia worse.

xxHealth Question & Answer

anorexic is not having the will power of patients to go the gym or eat health

A good way to help your friend is go to the gym with her invite her over very great food. involve her in you healthily habits. it is kinda like teaching a child something they have to watch it work before they wanna try it on their own.

PS you are not being harsh

*Remember Help Don't Just Harp!!Health Question & Answer

I think that was kinda harsh, but still, she needed to hear it. and if she moved across the country, I think you should still keep in touch with her cuz she might do it again, and I think someone has to tell her that its bad to go anorexic again.
Good Luck!
Stay Beautiful!

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