Why don't i feel anything anymore?!

Question: Why don't i feel anything anymore.?
I used to be angry and mad all the time, it was the only real thing i felt. Lately that too has died inside me and i don't know why. Now i feel like an empty husk of myself.

I know that feeling angry all the time isn't a good thing, but it was all i had and now it is gone. I knew i had emotional problems and i finally thought i got a hold on it, then this happens.

I don't know what to do, and i refuse to live my life like this.Health Question & Answer

Good for you Tim, don't settle for this. My guess is that you've learned to be in the 3rd person state (distanced from everything, incl your own emotions). This can be very useful during very difficult and painful times as you're protected from feeling it.
The downside is that it can become habit, and you can find yourself a bit stuck there.
There are 2 others that I think are relevant to your problem - 2nd person - always seeing things from another's point of view - this can be very painful, doormat territory, although it is a useful ability to help us deal with others.
The 3rd state Tim is 1st person. Seeing everything right here and now, looking through your own eyes and feeling emotions fully as they happen. Excellent for the good stuff not so good for the crap.
A person like yourself will (subconsciously) avoid this because under the wrong conditions it can be incredibly painful.

But once you know that you've got the choice, you can start to flit in and out of each of these states as necessary (3rd for pain, 2nd for empathising, 1st for the good stuff), knowing that you can return to your current 3rd state any time you need to.

Hope this helps


It'll get easier the more you practice.Health Question & Answer

Well if you're not angry and mad all the time that is a good thing. Because that's not healthy for any1.
Maybe your emotions are just growing more mature is why the anger is gone. Now you must search for a new emotion to feel and anger is just not it anymore.
Find something happy to fill the empty feelings u have. Believe it or not your life will take on new meaning when you see the good things in life and do not dwell on the bad or the angry things.
Refuse to live as an angry person, but do not refuse to find a happier side to reflect on. Your life is worth more than anger. So refuse to live with it. Start new feelings of taking things with less anger. Stop seeing everything as bad, I know many things are, but look for the good and refuse to let the bad over take u.
You do have reason to live but your emotions are just telling you it's not to live in anger anymore, it's time to search for a new way.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you were angry all the time, so there's no more anger left. also, you're used to the things that makes you angry in the past, so now, when you encounter these things that makes you angry in the past, you don't feel angry anymore.Health Question & Answer

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