Whats happening to me at night???? PLEASE HELP?!

Question: Whats happening to me at night.?.?.?.? PLEASE HELP.?
I always know when i am going to fall asleep any second because i get the most random thoughts popping into my head,really random and weird things like a pigs nose,a box of matches,a hook,etc....it can be anything at all.....why does this happen.? and does any1 else have this happen to them.?.?.? Health Question & Answer

Yes, as has been stated by the above users, having very random thoughts is common during the last parts of wakefulness before going to sleep. Basically, in your case your brain begins to unload all the information from the day and starts to sift through it before you actually fall asleep. You're simply entering sleep stages within your brain before you actually become unconscious, it's relatively common, although it doesn't happen to everyone. It's nothing to be alarmed about.Health Question & Answer

It just means you are drifting off to sleep.

Instead you should control the image just before you conk out. Try and think of say a beautiful green meadow with wild flowers and tall grasses. A cool refreshing wind blows on a sunny day.Health Question & Answer

Very normal, dont worry. When your brain is in transition from being awake to the first stage of sleep it can do very strange things to you. Your ok. Health Question & Answer

It is just the way your brain copes with the stresses of the day.? For more info check out:
http://www.dreammoods.com/Health Question & Answer

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