What's something about yourself that nobody else knows?!

Question: What's something about yourself that nobody else knows.?
any little secrets.? leave them here!Health Question & Answer

well.. i'm gay, and it's hard to accept in myself, let alone think about how other people would react or feel about me.. it's very hard and scary.

mitchHealth Question & Answer

if i told u then u would kno then somebody would kno so that if i told u than u would kno then nobody would b somebodyHealth Question & Answer

nobody knows that I'm very cold hearted,and I
don't forgive others easilyHealth Question & Answer

i walked in on my parents having sex when i was 5.
even they didn't realize i walked in...i ran right out.Health Question & Answer

Sometimes I want to kill myself, but I try to keep those thoughts away.Health Question & Answer

I know KFC secret recipeHealth Question & Answer

I am funky.Health Question & Answer

thumb sucker for 25 years.Health Question & Answer

I would kill you for a Klondike BarHealth Question & Answer

thats an amusing paradox......quite old thoughHealth Question & Answer

i can see futureHealth Question & Answer

i wet the bed last nightHealth Question & Answer

I did my Gf's sister :(Health Question & Answer

my height in jelly babiesHealth Question & Answer

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