Gettin high without using drugs ?!

Question: Gettin high without using drugs .?
is there anyway we can get high wihtout drugs .. i just wanna pick myself out of depression .. n ithink this will help me ..Health Question & Answer

Yep, there called endorphines your body secretes them after a vigorous workout. I've been depressed for about six years on and off, and I swear by exercise when I stop, inevitably it comes back. Instead of losing control you gain control of your moods and your body. It also helps in the self esteem department, you look and feel better, as well as having the sense of accomplishing something.
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i experience with drugs wen i was younger. now i do meditation,mantra chanting & kung fu and tai chi. now i feel the real high of life. btw this is not the only way to reach this stage.
good luck!!!!Health Question & Answer

There are heaps of things you can get high on, for example-

Bike seats,
Glue sticks,
Nico pens,
Whipped cream cans,

But be very careful not to over do it!Health Question & Answer

mm i guess..

i feel like that sometimes and i dnt even have to get high w/ drugs...but i'm guessing its cos of my anxiety.Health Question & Answer

there's something called an oxygen bar. they give u oxygen to breathe in, it gets more oxygen to ur brain and it lets u feel happier. And its only oxygen. look it upHealth Question & Answer

a high is like an adrenaline rush. find something that gets you happy and excited. Health Question & Answer

not so sureHealth Question & Answer

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