Questions for people with anxiety disorder?!

Question: Questions for people with anxiety disorder.?
this is a question for those who have been put on medication for their anxiety disorder.

What medication did you take.?
How long did it take to take effect.?
Were there any side effects.?
Did it overall help your anxiety.?
If so how much.?Health Question & Answer

I'll answer you questions in order:

1) Panicyl (natural alternative - not antidepressant)
2) One week
3) None
4) It reduced my anxiety 80% and completely stopped my panic attacks
5) It has been wonderfulHealth Question & Answer

i hate pills, but i have horrible anxiety, and this is the ONLY one i will take.

ADIVAN is a miracle anti-anxiety drug.

NO major side effects. no drowsiness.

take WHEN you get an anxiety attack. it will relax you within 5 minutes.

it is given to patients in the emergency room when they freak out on psychoactives, like LSD, because it immediately controls the chemical imbalance in your brain that makes you fearful.

honestly, NO pill will RID you of your anxiety. they will only help you control yourself better. anxiety attacks can be completely eliminated from a persons life WITHOUT pills, and that is the ONLY way you can be sure you will not have one again. it truly is mind over matter. you have to realize that when you have an anxiety attack, it is your brain controlling YOU, not YOU controlling your brain. when you have one, see what triggers it, and why. you can talk yourself out of an anxiety attack and learn to stop them as soon as you feel signs by encouraging positive thinking and realizing how SILLY the thing you're fearing is.Health Question & Answer

get question for me, i just went on medication for my anxiety disorder 4 days ago now, im on Celapram 20mg (im only taking half until the side effects aren't so bad). I'm still getting used to the medication, but the side effects are ok, im handling it well cos the doctor has also given me valium to take for the first 2wks to help with the side effects (witch is a god send!). My side effects are, a like nausea, my head feels blank (like i can only think of one thing at a time, which is good cos the many prob with my anxiety was thinking to much! lol). I feel abit run down, but im still able to do things, the worst side effect is the increased anxiety but the valium helps with that.
To be honest, befor i started taking Celapram my anxiety was there all day and night the whole time, but taking the medication it only comes in waves, i didn't have any valium yesterday just to see what they were really doing to me and that's when i noticed the anxiety coming and going and not being there all day.
good luck, let me know how u go, just email when ever xoHealth Question & Answer

I used to have it, and still feeling the effects

I did try something called Valerian at one point, it helped me sleep and i stop feeling like i was floating in space all the time, it bought me back down to earth

Its natural and it has no side effects, may make you a bit fast paced and hyperactive though, but its rareHealth Question & Answer

i went to a naturopath doctor, so i was not given "drugs"
She gave me this pill call pharmaGABA By Throne, and rescue remedy
I haven't had to use Rescue Remedy yet so i can't tell you anything about it
But the ParmaGABA pus help me stay calm and sleep all night with out waking up multiple times.
It's natural so there are no side effects to it, and it is not addictive.
i didn't cure my anxiety. It just helps me calm down a bit.
I think the best thing to do is to find a pProfessionalto talk to.
that i i'm doing right now and i going to try going back into a public school fulltime for the first time in 2 years.
but only talk to someone when you want to and are ready ( if you already haven't)
it took me 2 years to take that step.Health Question & Answer

What medication did you take.?
Prozac and Respredol (sorry about the misspellings)

How long did it take to take effect.?
about two weeks

Were there any side effects.?
sleepiness, but that is why I take it at night.

Did it overall help your anxiety.?
I stopped having anxiety attacks, so yes.

If so how much.?
It really helped me, although I was very reluctant to start medication out of fear for becoming dependent on it. In the long run, it has really helped me to fight this disorder.

Best of WishesHealth Question & Answer

WELL i have MAJOR anxiety but i am only 13 so idk if i need anything for it and if so my mom wont buy it for me....
Please Please Please times 1000000000000 answer my question, it is about me.... i am scarred out of my guts right now because i think my dog is dying .... PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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Am on seroquel and celexa. does pretty good no more attacks. side affects seroquel helps you sleep. But it does tend to have a little weight gain. Celexa I haven't really had any negative affects. It took affect the first 3 days.Health Question & Answer

zoloft it took effect right away the effects were that is made me feel slow and it did help a little bit....Health Question & Answer

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