My doc. thinks I may be Bi-polar...........?!

Question: My doc. thinks I may be Bi-polar............?
I think I have depression but she thinks it may be more. If I am Bi-polar are their meds they can give or do they prescribe the same thing as for depression. Do the meds for Bi-polar really help.?Health Question & Answer

Contrary to what samuri said, Bi-polar disorder is real illness and it REQUIRES treatment. It is more than a hormonal imbalance it is an imbalance in the chemicals that make up the brain. And if she knew anything about it at all she would have real answers!
Yes there are medications for Bipolar that really do help and also medications for the depression if that is what you are suffering from.
Bipolar Disorder is NOT a term doled out litely and it is not a term given by pharametical companies to sell drugs Samuri! It is commonly called Manic Depression and for years they treated it with Lithum. Yes the medication really helps unlike some people who answered this thread, I have the illness I know what it is like.
It is difficult to manage and hard to live with but it can be done with the right treatment and a lot of courage. Best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through and are not ignorant about mental illness.
Do not listen to people who are uneducated and ignorant about Bipolar and by all means use the internet and do some research on this illness yourself.Health Question & Answer

I am bi-polar. That means you have high-highs and low-lows. When you are bi-polar, you really need medication that keeps you in the center because in those high episodes, bi-polars do things like gamble, shop, have inappropriate sex, stuff like that. In the low episodes, they have been known to commit suicide. You need medication and if you can afford it, counseling. I have been on medication, which I take daily, for many years and I'm just fine. Health Question & Answer


she has no clue.

my aunts, two of them, one whom i was very close to, suicided because of bipolar.

i started showing symptoms around age 6. i wasn't medicated until age 14. i also have an anxiety disorder, anorexia, ocd and ptsd. i've been in an out of hospitals for the anorexia and the bipolar. when i was 16 i went off my medication and almost died from withdrawl, weightloss and suicidal attempts. this past summer at age 17, i wasn't on the full dosage and i was cutting, over spending, happy then sad, hypersexual and a total mess. now, on my meds and okay again, i thank God for the mood stabalizers.

THEY HELP. THEY CHANGE YOUR LIFE. But only if you take them.

my cocktail is 900mg of lithium, 1.5mg of clonozopan and 50mg of seroquel. it's different for everyone, but for severe mood swings and acting out, those drugs really helped me. and i've been on over 20. lithium is a mood stabalizer, clonozopan is an anti-anxiety medication and seroquel is an anti-psychosis medication that helps with sleep.

please listen to your doctors. take the medication and get your life back. if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.Health Question & Answer

Bi-Polar is a term made up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell DRUGS. The symptoms of "bi-polar" are actually hormonal deficiencies... NOT a 'brain chemistry' issue. The answer in correcting your hormones is NOT in hormone replacement therapy; but in nutrition.
You can get your adrenals and hormones checked out at I recommend going through Dr. Theresa Dale as she is featured on their front page.
Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Yes, there are meds for bipolar that work - usually a mood stabilizer and an antidepressant, however in my case an antipsychotic was needed.

EDIT: there is absolutely nothing wrong with my answer, not only do I suffer from bipolar disorder but I am a therapist who works with many other sufferers.Health Question & Answer

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